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Why Aviva?

We realise technology is increasingly important to running a successful, modern adviser business. We’re investing in our technology to bring you an outstanding online proposition. By integrating our platform and Aviva for Advisers, we’ve made it easy for you to manage your business with us in one place.

The Aviva Platform is a hit with advisers

The Aviva Platform is currently riding high, topping Platforum’s influential market Monitor table for Q3 2013 and shortlisted for Platform of the Year 2013 at the Aberdeen UK Platform Awards.

Why use the Aviva Platform?

Our easy-to-use platform offers value for money and has all the essential functionality you need:

  • Online functionality and low charges let you offer an affordable, yet sustainable service to mid-market clients.
  • Your clients will only ever pay for what they use.
  • Lets your clients hold their investments in one place.
  • Low AMCs – flat charge of 0.25% for the ISA and Investment Portfolio, with the Pension Portfolio at 0.40% or less.
  • Bulk transactions and business reports reduce admin time, giving you more time to advise clients.
  • The streamlined quote and apply process saves you time and money.
  • Access to three platform portfolios and over 2,800 funds.
  • Create tailored investment portfolios for your clients.
  • Investment tools, including bulk transfers and switching.
  • Access to our Managed Portfolio Service.
  • All your client information in one place, including correspondence.
  • Reports for both you and your clients.

You talk, we listen

Our continual improvement programme helps us constantly change and enhance the Aviva Platform. We use your feedback to help us give you the tools and functionality you need to run your business.

So far we’ve:

  • added a capital gains tool to make calculations easier
  • improved client reports and portfolio analysis
  • made the quote and apply process more efficient
  • enhanced elements of the client and administration process.

All our changes add up to save you time and money, helping your business thrive. We’ve also altered the platform to meet extensive regulatory changes.

Aviva’s outstanding online proposition

  • See and manage your clients’ Aviva products in just one place online, including platform business, investments, pensions, protection, and retirement products.
  • Quote and apply to place business on all platform portfolios - ISA, Investment and Pension.
  • Pre-populated applications from quotes.
  • Save and retrieve quotes and applications.
  • Wide range of tools including portfolio analysis, risk profiling and client reporting.
  • Straightforward registration and log-in process.

Financial strength and a brand your clients can trust

Aviva is one of the UK’s leading life insurers, with 34 million customers and £300 billion total funds under management. The Aviva Platform itself is rated B+ (very strong) by AKG as of 20 February 2013. Financial strength can alter over time.

Support when you need it

We want to help you make the most of all the functionality we offer through the Aviva Platform. That’s why we’re keen support you in getting the most from this time-saving technology.

Keeping your charge affordable

Your charge will be made up of a range of components, depending on your clients’ needs. Your clients face three main costs:

1.    platform
2.    fund
3.    advice.

The lower the first two costs, the more scope there is for you to charge affordably, so it’s worth bearing in mind:

  • the Aviva Platform has some of the lowest AMCs around.
  • our scale lets us negotiate down initial fund charges – with most at zero.

There maybe additional costs depending on the investments you choose for your client. This could include Commerical Property, Structured Products, Income Drawdown and Equity Dealing.

Clearly targeting the mid-market

Aviva’s Platform is ideally suited to your mid-market clients. These clients are cost-conscious, have straightforward financial planning needs and want simple investment solutions.

Aviva’s Platform – helping you serve the mid-market affordably

  • No expensive bells and whistles these clients don’t need
  • Low AMCs – flat charge of 0.25% for the ISA and Investment Portfolio, with the Pension Portfolio at 0.40% or less
  • Fund management charge discounts – with initial charges at zero for most funds (equity dealing charges may apply)
  • Online functionality and client management tools – reducing your admin time
  • Model portfolio and risk profiling functionality – auditable process with cost-effective investment solutions

All of this keeps costs to your client down and lets you charge affordably.


We’re investing in technology for advisers. We’ve integrated the Aviva Platform with Aviva for Advisers, bringing our online adviser services together in one place.

Opening up the platform portfolios

You can now quote and apply for the ISA, Investment or Pension Portfolios individually or in a multi-portfolio combination, once you’ve logged onto Aviva for Advisers:

Making it easier for you to do business

Here are some of the ways the Aviva Platform helps make your life easier:

  • Streamlined quote process and pre-populated applications – saving you time
  • Online illustrations, applications and transactions
  • Bulk switching and transaction facility – letting you manage groups of clients at one time
  • Access to useful fund and investment research
  • Investment profiling tool – giving you an auditable, reliable process
  • Portfolio analysis and rebalancing facility
  • Online reporting functionality
  • Online client correspondence – held in one place, no need for you to store paperwork
  • Wide range of online product literature and sales support material
  • Re-registration functionality, so your clients don’t lose time out of the market.

Our platform functionality helps you save time and operate more efficiently – letting you serve your mid-market clients at cost they can afford and you can sustain.


We’ve designed the Aviva Platform to be easy and straightforward to use.

To help you get the most out of the Aviva Platform, we have a range of support available:

  • A guide to everything you need to know about the Aviva Platform and due diligence
  • Step-by-step ‘how to’ guides to help you use and work with the platform
  • Online product literature and sales support from the Aviva for Advisers library
  • Online demos
  • Dedicated Platform Service and Support team (Tel: 0845 309 3999, Mon-Fri 8:30-17:30)
  • Fully trained regional and telephone sales teams so they can support advisers using the technology (Tel: 0845 366 6805, Mon-Fri 8:30-17:30)
  • Our Platform Adoption and Development team is available if you require more detailed consultancy, or training on our online proposition.

Experience the Aviva Platform with a free demonstration

Contact us and one of our consultants will be happy to arrange an appointment that suits you.
Please call 0845 075 6655 (lines are open 8 am to 6 pm, Monday to Friday).
You can also email us at