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 Company Pension

A cost-effective group personal pension (GPP) scheme that’s ideal for auto-enrolment. It gives your clients a choice of default investment options and a wide range of funds. Your clients’ employees can also use MyAviva to manage their plan online.

Features of our Company Pension plan

  • Employers can tailor personal pension packages to specific groups of employees within one scheme.
  • Employees can switch into one of our other personal pension products as they're all under the same scheme rules (excluding the Stakeholder Pension).
  • Offers pension freedoms access for full and part Uncrystallised Funds Pension Lump Sum (UFPLS) and flexi-access drawdown for single income withdrawals
  • Find out more by reading Key Features of the Company Pension at Aviva

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Facts about our Company Pension plan

  • Each Company Pension scheme is priced on its own merits. 
  • Employees can access over 40 Aviva managed funds, as well as more than 200 funds from over 30 fund management groups, which cover the key asset classes.
  • Employees can choose from a number of lifestaging and lifestyling strategies and phased switching.
  • Any of our Aviva My Future Focus Lifestage approaches can be used as an auto-enrolment default, giving you plenty of flexibility. You can also create your own alternative default approaches from our range of funds.
  • Strong governance
  • Default investment strategies, both Aviva designed and bespoke, are reviewed on an ongoing basis as part of Aviva's robust internal governance processes. The strategies are also reviewed by the Independent Governance Committee.

Charges for our Company Pension

Employer pension charge: a monthly fee may be charged to the employer to cover the cost of running the scheme and providing supporting services. Each fee is based on the scheme's own merits. Employee charges are shown in the table below.

Member/employee charge



Annual fund charge

Up to 0.75%

We take this as a percentage of the scheme member's pension fund value each year.

Additional yearly charge

Up to 1.70%

This charge may apply for some of the funds available.

Fund manager expense charge

Up to 0.95%

This charge may apply for some of the funds available.

Performance charge


With some funds, we or the fund manager charge a performance fee when the fund performs better than its benchmark.

Charges correct as at 30/06/2020.

Information to help you decide whether our Company Pension is right for your client

Designed for employers who:
  • want to offer employees access to a company pension scheme

  • want to offer employees a tax-efficient way to invest for their retirement

  • want to make payments on behalf of employees

  • want to offer employees access to a wide investment choice

  • want to make payments via a group billing facility

  • want a scheme they can use for auto-enrolment
  • want to offer pension freedoms.
Key considerations
  • Current income levels

  • Existing pension arrangements

  • Target level of disposable income in retirement

  • Anticipated retirement date

  • Required range of fund choices

  • How many auto-enrolment schemes the employer wants to have

  • Prevailing tax rates and relief are dependent on the employee's individual circumstances, and are subject to change.

  • The value of investments can go down as well as up, and the employee may not get back the amount paid in.

Support we offer you and your client on our Company Pension plan

Secure services
Make scheme enquiries online through our secure services

Salary exchange calculators

Our salary exchange calculators offers a way to set up pension contributions that can allow both employers and their employees to make a saving.

Auto-enrolment support
With so many different types of employers needing your help with auto enrolment, you need the confidence to offer them a governed investment solution that provides choice and that has been designed to take members through their journey to retirement.

Whether they're new to auto enrolment or looking for more information on workplace pensions, find out more in our Auto enrolment knowledge centre

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