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  Living Costs Protection

Protection insurance for renters

Covering your clients' life essentials

Putting food on the table is one of life's essentials. But if your client can't work, even the weekly shop could be a struggle. That's why we've launched Aviva Living Costs Protection.

Living Costs Protection provides a fixed monthly amount to help cover essential outgoings like mortgage or rental payments, utilities and food.

Key information

You can call our protection sales and support team on:

0800 056 2181

Open Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm

Why choose Living Costs Protection for your clients?

 In focus LCP

Take a look at our guide for a customer overview.

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Living Costs Protection is a simple and affordable long-term policy. With no complex calculations and no second guessing, Living Costs Protection could be just the straightforward protection your client needs if they find themselves unable to work due to illness or injury.

We understand what an impact illness and injury can have on being able to work. Our Living costs protection means clients can relax a little, and fully focus on their recovery knowing that they'll be provided with a fixed amount for 12 months. The policy also includes extra benefits and support services as standard, that can provide valuable help should your client need it. 

Straightforward support

As well as the benefits covered as standard under our policy, Living Costs Protection also offers the chance to add further cover options at an additional cost, these include both Global Treatment and Fracture Cover.

Global treatment

global treatment photo

Global treatment makes overseas treatment and access to expert medical opinion possible at a time when your client wants to explore all the options.

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Fracture cover

fracture cover photo

Fracture cover pays a one off lump sum if your client suffers from one of 18 specified fractures during a 12 month period.

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shieldGiving choice to your clients

The ability to select the following allows you to tailor cover to meet the individual needs of your clients, they will be able to chose:

  • The monthly benefit that is recieved- this can be between £500 and £1,500 per month
  • When they'd like their payments to start - deferred periods of 4, 8, 13 or 26 weeks
  • How long they would like their policy to last - from 5 years to 52 years. Please be aware that if your client stops paying their premiums or cancels their policy, they'll no longer be covered, and they won't get any money back.

shieldBenefits included as standard

Living Costs Protection comes with benefits available at no extra cost:

  • Waiver of premium
  • Back to work benefit
  • Life change benefit

shieldAdditional benefits

Living Costs Protection also offers the following at an additional cost: 

  • Global treatment - providing access to Best Doctors' network of top medical experts and covering the cost of overseas treatment for certain serious illnesses or medical procedures.
  • Fracture cover - offers additional cover for a range of fractures.

Here are some of the things you need to know about Aviva's Living Costs Protection policy:

Cover types

Cover type


Limited payment term

  • The product will offer a limited payment benefit payment period  of 12 months.
  • Once the limited benefit has been paid in full as a result of one claim or a number of shorter claims, the policy will continue although the customer must return to work for six consecutive months before being able to claim again.
  • In order to make a claim, your client needs to be working for a minimum of 16 hours a week. If they are working less than 16 hours a week, no benefit will be paid. 
  • The benefit we pay may affect a claim on other protection policies the client or their employer has, and may affect their eligibility for means tested state benefit. 


 Criteria  Min/max  Detail  Notes

Limited term benefit

Max age at entry


  • The plan must end before your client's 71st birthday.
  • The minimum age for entry is 18


Min term

5 year

  • The policy term can be in full years or until the client reaches a specific age.
  • If taking cover to a specific age, this can be from age 50-70 inclusive (subject to occupation restrictions)

Max term

52 years

  • Subject to maximum age limit.
  • The maximum term is based on an 18 year old taking out a policy until age 70

Cover limits

Min cover amount

£500 per month
  • £6000 per year (subject to the minimum premium)
 Max cover amount

£1,500 per month


  • £18,000 per year (subject to the minimum premium)


Option Maximum Detail Notes

Fracture cover

 Max age at entry  59
  • Pays up to £6,000 if your client suffers from one of 18 specified fractures.
  • Fracture cover is available for an additional premium
  • The benefit will be removed from the policy when a life covered reaches age 70.

Global treatment

 Max age at entry  74
  • Global treatment provides access to an expert second medical opinion and overseas medical treatments for your client and their children.

  • Cover renews every 3 years and is available for an additional premium.


Benefit Notes
Waiver of premium
  • If we accept your client's claim, we'll pay their premiums 13 weeks after they stop working due to illness or injury, or when their deferred period ends, whichever is sooner.
  • Your client will need to start paying their premiums again when their claim ends.

Back to work benefit

  • We'll pay one months' benefit to take into account any partial loss of earnings on returning to work as a result of reduced hours or a change in occupation. This will form part of the 12 months benefit for any successful claim.

Maternity, parental or adoption leave

  • If your client is ill or has an injury during the first 52 weeks of maternity, parental or adoption leave, we will base their assessment of incapacity on their ability to do the occupation they were doing in the 12 months before going on paternity or adoption leave. 

Doing protection business just got easier

We're committed to making it as easy as possible to do protection business with us, so we've produced a range of helpful support materials - all designed to save you time.

Tracking guideALPS tracking guide

Knowing exactly what’s happening with your cases makes life so much easier. Take a look at our e-guide to learn how tracking can help your business.

Download the guide

System guide imageALPS system guide

The ALPS online platform helps you to manage your cases quickly and effectively. Our e-guide will help you get to grips with the system in no time.

Download the guide

Portals guide

Portals guide

Everything you need to know in order to access, quote and apply for our new products.

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Reasons why

Reasons Why

Use our handy reasons why paragraphs to craft your recommendation letter.

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Family togetherLooking after your client and their family

When you recommend one of our protection policies to your client, you can relax, safe in the knowledge that we’ll be there for them and their families when it really matters. Of course this means we’ll be on hand with financial support if the worst should happen. But with our policies, you get so much more than that.

The following are non-contractual benefits which we could remove at any time.

For more information on any of the services listed below, please read our guide to Support Plus

Bupa Anytime Healthline

Bupa Anytime Healthline is a telephone support service that gives your client access to a qualified nurse 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your client can use this service to get answers to any questions or concerns they may have about a specific medical condition or to get practical advice on their general health and well being. They can also use the service with regards to their loved ones - for example, if they are worried about their children's health.

Second Opinion by Best Doctors

This benefit gives your client access to an expert second medical opinion on their diagnosis, at no extra cost. Best Doctors uses the knowledge from their database of international medical experts to give your client information and advice on their condition and treatment options.

They have a worldwide database of more than 50,000 medical experts in over 450 specialties and sub-specialties. These doctors are recommended by their peers as the specialists that they trust most.

Best Doctors® and the star-in-cross logo are trademarks of Best Doctors®, Inc., in the United States and in other countries, and are used under licence. Please note, the Best Doctors® service is not a regulated activity.

Counselling and carer services

Life can be tough sometimes, so it helps to have someone you can turn to. That’s why each of our protection policies includes access to counselling and carer support services provided by Workplace Options.

Workplace options offers face to face or telephone based support for your client and their family, giving help with:

  • Mental wellness issues such as bereavement, work-related stress and relationship breakdown.
  • Facing the challenges that come with being a carer.

Living Costs Protection Vs Income Protection+ Comparison

Comparison document

A graphic to give you a quick comparison of the features and benefits of both Living Costs Protection and Income Protection+.

Our income protection products: quick reference guide

IP quick reference

See a summary of the benefits offered with each of out income protection options to help you work out which product is most suitable for your clients.

Living Costs Protection:
In focus

In focus LCP

This handy guide, designed to be used with your client, provides detailed information about Living Costs Protection.

Protection planning

Our protection articles can help support your financial planning process and offer the opportunity to earn CPD hours.

Claims information

If your client needs to make a claim, you can feel confident that we'll get things right for them at a difficult time.

Underwriting centre

Developed and tested with advisers, a one stop shop for everything you need to know about our underwriting.

Tools & calculators

Access a wide range of handy tools and calculators, designed to help both you and your clients.

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