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  Critical Illness+

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Cover that helps meet your client's needs

Critical Illness+ provides stand alone critical illness cover which pays out if your client is diagnosed with, or undergoes surgery for, a range of serious critical illnesses and a number of more common and sometimes less severe conditions. Critical Illness+ also includes valuable cover for your client's children as standard.

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Extra Care Cover - helping clients adapt to new circumstances

Some health conditions and illnesses can have a long-lasting impact on your client’s life.

Where an illness or accident leaves someone unable to carry out everyday activities such as being able to wash, dress and feed themselves independently, they can be left severely affected and with some conditions, their symptoms will worsen over time.

This can lead to significant care needs, changes in lifestyle or alterations to the home, that need to be paid for in addition to paying the mortgage and everyday bills. The last thing customers in this vulnerable situation need is additional financial worries.

Extra Care Cover could help with these costs.It could pay out if your client is permanently unable to do three of our defined activities of daily living or, if they are under 55 and they meet our definition for certain debilitating conditions. It can help your clients adapt to their changed situation by providing an extra £50,000 of cover, payable on top of a critical illness claim payment. 

Extra Care Cover is a unique benefit available at an additional cost.It's the only benefit in the market that can provide a lump sum payment after a critical illness payment and in certain circumstances it can pay out up to a year after the initial claim.

We are always looking for ways to improve the number of claims we pay out, that's why in July 2019 we made some improvements to our Extra Care Cover:

  • We know from our extensive claims experience that the illnesses we cover are more likely to occur as you age and that symptoms will typically worsen over time. That’s why we’ve increased the maximum age for specified conditions from 50 to 55.

  • We have simplified our policy wording. By making the Extra Care Cover definition more straight forward, it should be easier for you to communicate the benefits to your clients.
  • We’ve also added a further four conditions that can be claimed on up to the age of 55 – these typically lead to a deterioration in health over a longer period, often resulting in significant care needs to support changes in lifestyle that Extra Care Cover can help provide the money to pay for. These are Kidney, Liver, Heart and Respiratory failure. 


To find out more, watch our video or download our customer guide to Extra Care Cover

About our children's benefit

Childrens benefit
Our children’s benefit is designed to provide assistance to families during high impact illness.

Find out more

Our improved cover

CI quick reference guide
Take a closer look at how our improved critical illness cover is structured.

Find out more

Critical illness definitions guide

CI definitions guide
Learn more about the conditions we cover and the criteria for claim.

Find out more

Why choose Critical Illness+ for your clients?

Critical Illness+ guide

Take a look at our guide for a customer overview.

Find out more

The real beauty of Critical Illness+ is that cover can be tailored according to your client's needs - and budget - by choosing from a range of options and benefits which have all been designed to deliver quality cover.

A range of additional benefits are included as standard, and the option to upgrade critical illness cover and optional extras such as Global Treatment and Fracture Cover mean Critical Illness+ can be tailored to a broad range of clients.

At an extra cost, cover can be upgraded to provide some financial protection against even more critical illnesses and conditions. By upgrading, extra options can be added to your client's cover, their children's cover, or both, for even more protection.

Cover that goes above and beyond

As well as the range of benefits covered as standard under our policy, Critical Illness+ also offers the option to add further cover at an additional cost should your client need it.

Global treatment

global treatment photo

Global treatment makes overseas treatment and access to expert medical opinion possible at a time when your client will want to explore all the options.

Find out more

Fracture cover

fracture cover photo

Fracture cover pays a one-off lump sum if your client suffers one of 18 specified fractures during a 12 month period.

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Extra care cover

extra care cover photo

Extra care cover is there to add an even higher level of protection for your clients. It provides an additional fixed payment of £50,000 for conditions that are likely to worsen over time and may require further care needs.

Find out more

shieldMore choice

The ability to select the following allows you to tailor cover to your individual client's needs: 

  • The cover amount and the policy term
  • Level, decreasing or family income cover
  • Guaranteed or reviewable premiums
  • Waiver of premium and renewal options
  • Increasing cover - our answer to inflation
  • Total permanent disability

shieldBenefits included as standard

Critical Illness+ comes with a wide range of benefits available at no extra cost: 

  • Additional critical illness benefit
  • Accelerated surgery benefit
  • Children's critical illness
  • Children's death benefit
  • Children's hospital benefit
  • Life change benefit and separation benefit

shieldUpgrade for even more cover

At an additional cost customise cover with our upgrade options: 

  • Upgraded critical illness benefit covers a further 14 full payment conditions, 37 additional critical illness conditions, four accelerated surgeries and hospital benefit.
  • Upgraded children's benefit covers an additional 11 children's critical illness conditions, up to £50,000 for 12 conditions under children's extra care cover and advanced illness.

shieldAdditional benefits

We offer a range of cover options at an additional cost: 

  • Global treatment - providing access to Best Doctors' network of top medical experts and covers the cost of overseas treatment for certain serious illnesses or medical procedures.
  • Extra care cover - provides an additional £50,000 of cover where a critical illness has a prolonged, life changing impact. 
  • Fracture cover - offers additional cover for a range of fractures.

Here are some of the things you need to know about our Critical Illness+ policy:

Cover types

Cover type


Level cover

  • Pays the cover amount as a cash lump sum if your client makes a successful claim.
  • The cover amount stays the same throughout the policy term.

Decreasing cover

  • Pays the cover amount as a cash lump sum if your client makes a successful claim.
  • The cover amount decreases each month broadly in line with the amount outstanding on a repayment loan, such as a capital and interest mortgage, using a fixed interest rate selected at the start of the policy.
  • Rates are available from 4% to 15%.

Family income cover

  • Pays the cover amount as monthly instalments if your client makes a successful claim.
  • The monthly instalment amount stays the same throughout the policy term and is payable from the date we accept a claim until the policy end date.
  • Your client can choose to take the monthly payments as a reduced lump sum at any point following a claim.






Critical illness cover

Max age at entry

64, or 59 if renewal option or Fracture cover are chosen

  • Pays out on critical illness.
  • For guaranteed premiums, the policy must end before your client's 76th birthday.
  • For reviewable premiums, the policy must end before their 91st birthday.


Min term

5 years

  • 6 years if reviewable premiums are selected.

Max term

50 years

  • Subject to the maximum ages which apply at the time.

Payment limits

Min premium

£5 a month/£50 a year

  • Monthly premiums are available.
  • Premiums must be paid by direct debit.

Cover limits

Max cover amount

  • £3,000,000 for critical illness cover.
  • £2,000,000 for critical illness cover with total permanent disability.



Min/max  Detail


Extra care cover

Max age at entry 64
  • Extra care cover can provide £50,000 if your client is diagnosed with a condition that results in severe and permanent symptoms.
  • It's available at an extra cost.

Fracture cover

Max age at entry 59
  • Pays up to £6,000 if your client suffers from one of 18 specified fractures.
  • Fracture cover is available for an additional monthly cost.
  • The benefit will be removed from the policy when a life covered reaches age 70.

Global treatment

Max age at entry 64
  • Global treatment provides access to expert second medical opinion and leading overseas medical treatments for your client and their children.

  • Cover renews every 3 years and is available for an additional cost per month.

  • The benefit will be removed from the policy when a life covered reaches age 84.

Increasing cover Max age at entry 64
  •  The cover amount will increase each year in line with RPI (available with level cover) or by a fixed percentage of 3 or 5% (available with level cover and family income cover). If the cover increases so will the premium. The increase automatically happens on an annual basis. 
  • If the RPI does not increase, or your client chooses not to accept the increase then their cover amount and premium will remain the same. 
  • Please note that in the event of an increase the premium will increase at a higher percentage rate than the cover amount. The maximum the cover amount can increase by is 10% and the premium could increase by a maximum of 15%. 
  • Not available with decreasing cover.
Renewal option

Max age at entry




  •  Your client can take out a new policy without providing more health information when their original policy ends.
  • The new policy must end before their 71st birthday.
  • Not available if your client has reviewable premiums, or the increasing cover option.
  • Available at an extra cost.
Total permanent disability Max age at entry 64
  •  Pays the cover amount if the life covered suffers an illness or injury that means they meet either our own occupation or activities of daily work definition.
  • Available at an extra cost.
  • This benefit will cease when the eldest life reaches age 71, but the policy will continue.
Waiver of premium Max age at entry 64
  •  We will waive your client's premiums if they are unable to work due to accident or injury.
  • Your client can choose a deferred period of one, three or six months. This benefit is available at an extra cost.
  • This benefit will cease when the eldest life reaches age 71, but the policy will continue.

Critical illness cover



Critical illness cover

Your clients will be covered for;

  • 35 full payment conditions.
  • 2 additional critical illness conditions payable at £25,000 or 25% of the cover amount.
  • Accelerated surgery benefit. This can pay the cover amount early if your client is placed on an NHS waiting list for one of six specified surgeries.
  • Children's benefit.

Upgraded critical illness benefit

Your client can choose to upgrade their critical illness at an extra cost

They will also be covered for;

  • A further 14 full payment conditions.
  • 37 extra additional critical illness conditions with an enhanced payout of £25,000.
  • upgraded accelerated surgery benefit covering a further 4 surgeries.
  • Hospital benefit - if one of the lives covered needs to spend more than seven days in hospital we will pay £100 per night from the eighth night onwards up to a maximum of £3,000 per life covered. 

Children's benefit



Children's benefit

  • Your client will also automatically receive our children's benefit at no extra cost.
  • Children's benefit covers children of the client from the age of 30 days, up until their 18th birthday, or 21st birthday if in full time education.
  • Each element of children's benefit is payable once for each child.
  • It's made up of;

    Children's critical illness
    We'll pay 50% of the cover amount up to a maximum of £25,000 if one of the client's children is diagnosed with a critical illness that we cover.

    Children are covered for the same conditions covered under critical illness cover (excluding terminal illness).

    Children's hospital benefit
    If one of your client's children need to spend more than seven days in hospital we will pay £100 a night from the eighth night onwards up to a maximum of £3,000 per child.

    Children's death benefit
    If a child dies, we will pay £5,000.

Upgraded children's benefit

  • Your clients can choose to upgrade their children's cover at an extra cost.
  • With upgraded children's benefit, children are covered from birth to their 22nd birthday.

It's made up of;

Upgraded children's critical illness
We'll pay an enhanced payment of £25,000 if one of the client's children is diagnosed with a critical illness that we cover.

Children are covered for the 38 conditions covered under critical illness cover (excluding terminal illness). They are also covered for an additional 11 critical illnesses including cystic fibrosis and Down's syndrome.

Children's extra care cover
We'll pay up to £50,000 if a child is diagnosed with one of 12 children's extra care cover conditions.

Advanced illness
We'll pay £10,000 if a child is diagnosed with an advanced or rapidly progressing illness that meets our definition.

Children's hospital benefit
If one of your client's children need to spend more than seven days in hospital we will pay £100 a night from the eighth night onwards up to a maximum of £3,000 per child.

Children's death benefit
If a child dies, we will pay £5,000. For this benefit children are covered from 24 weeks of pregnancy to their 22nd birthday.

  • Your client can choose to take the monthly payments as a reduced lump sum at any point following a claim.
  • Your client can choose to take the monthly payments as a reduced lump sum at any point following a claim.

Doing protection business just got easier

However you write protection business, we're committed to making it easier. We've produced a range of helpful support materials - all designed to save you time.

ALPS in focus ss

ALPS in focus guide

Understanding our system is key to making sure you are writing business with us in the most efficient and simple way. Use this guide to gain knowledge on what ALPS has to offer you whilst also discovering some of the tips and tricks that could save you time

Download the guide


Do business the way it suits you

No one likes repeating themselves. Read more about how our quote edit functionality provides the streamlined process you asked for.

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ALPS 1 page flyer

We're constantly improving

We've introduced significant improvements to our system, making it easier, simpler and faster to use - no matter what type of protection business you write. See how these changes will benefit you.

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Guide to tracking

Start saving time by signing up for business tracking. Get real-time updates and stay on top of what's happening with your cases, without having to pick up the phone.

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You said, we did

We value your opinions. Providing solutions to the problems you face on a daily basis inspires us to constantly improve. Learn first-hand from our people why we do what we do. 

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Family together

Looking after your client and their family

When you recommend one of our personal protection policies to your client, you can relax, safe in the knowledge that we’ll be there for them and their families when it really matters. Of course, this means we’ll be on hand with financial support if the worst should happen. But with our policies, you get so much more than that.

We’re proud of the services we offer, helping your clients to live more healthily, caring for them through illness and injury and being there for support. For more information on any of the services listed and what's included with your clients' policy, please read our Support Services Leaflet.

Please be aware that all of the benefits listed below are non-contractual and we can remove them at anytime.


Carer Support by Workplace Options
Carers for children, the elderly or those with a disability can access specialist support through Workplace Options, providing access to a range of resources and services to help with some of the challenges faced. 

Get Active Gym Discounts
We’d like to think we can help your customers stay healthy which is why your clients can take advantage of great gym discounts.

Physiotherapy with IRPS
Access to online and/or face to face physio services aimed at helping your client to manage minor conditions and prevent them from getting worse. Depending on the condition they may receive a consultation, an online physio programme, and up to three face-to-face sessions should they need them. This service is available when your client opts for the additional option of Fracture Cover and makes a successful claim on it. 


Mental Health Counselling with Workplace Options
Life can be tough sometimes, so it helps to have someone you can talk to. We provide access to face-to-face or telephone-based counselling for your client, their partner and children aged 14 upwards for minor counselling and 8 upwards for family counselling. Parents living in care homes can also benefit too.

Second Opinion by Best Doctors
Gives your client access to Best Doctors' network of medical experts who can give them answers to any questions they may have. Once your client has contacted Best Doctors, they will collect their medical records and choose the most appropriate medical specialist for their condition. The doctor will then review your client's case, providing their expert medical opinion in a report which includes:

  • Confirmation of your client's diagnosis
  • Treatment recommendations

Bupa Anytime Healthline
This provides a telephone support service that gives your client access to a qualified nurse 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your client can use this service to get answers to any questions or concerns they may have about a specific medical condition or to get practical advice on their general health and wellbeing. They can also use the service with regards to their loved ones - for example, if they are worried about their children's health.


Being there when it matters most

Mother and child

If your clients need to claim, we’ll do all we can to reduce their stress and anxiety at what is an incredibly difficult time. From help with filling out paperwork to answering questions, we’ll be there for your clients, and their families, when they need us most.

To make a claim, they can call the team on:

 0800 015 1142

Monday-Friday 8:00am-6:00pm
Saturday 8:00am-2:00pm
Please be aware calls may be recorded

Or, if they can’t face talking about what’s happened, they can get the process started online instead. Our dedicated claims website includes a form your client can fill in to tell us they need to make a claim. There’s also a step-by-step guide to making a claim and the answers to some frequently asked questions.

Protection planning

Our protection articles can help support your financial planning process and offer the opportunity to earn CPD hours.

Claims information

If your client needs to make a claim, you can feel confident that we'll get things right for them at a difficult time.

Underwriting centre

Developed and tested with advisers, a one stop shop for everything you need to know about our underwriting.

Tools & calculators

Access a wide range of handy tools and calculators, designed to help both you and your clients.

Contact us

You can find contact details for each product area in the drop-down list:

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