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Critical Illness re-launch

A sum greater than its parts

We've brought together our very best protection solutions, support and service under a strong, well established brand, retaining and improving upon the best elements of two heritage propositions. The result? A compelling suite of protection solutions and benefits that offer more choice and flexibility than ever before, enabling you to provide tailored protection solutions to a broad range of clients.

Take a closer look at all-new protection from Aviva.

New to Aviva? Transitional arrangements and other information

To help you get to grips with our new proposition, we've produced some handy guides and key information to guide you through the changes.

System guide to ALPS

Online business tracking guide

Portals guide

Transitional arrangements

Existing quotes and applications

While all new quotes and applications should be made on our new products – here are the arrangements for existing quotes and applications. From 14th November 2016:

  • Saved quotes will remain available to apply for on the respective portals and on the Aviva or Friends Life websites for up to 30 days, provided they remain valid.
  • Any part-saved applications (pre-underwriting decision) for old products will remain available on Aviva or Friends Life websites for up to 30 days.
  • Any application which has been accepted or referred will continue to be processed and can still be tracked on Aviva and Friends Life websites.

Personal protection products

Our personal protection products are designed to meet your client's needs, whatever they may be.

Life Insurance+
Critical Illness+
Income Protection+
Living Costs Protection

Business protection products

Our business protection products are designed to meet the protection needs of businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Business Life Insurance Options
Relevant Life Insurance

Trusts made easy with Aviva

Placing a policy in trust is an easy way of making sure that the proceeds from the policy you recommend to your client go where they should. But as well as giving your clients further peace of mind as part of your professional service, it can also represent an opportunity for you to grow your business.

Why not take 20 minutes to watch our new on-demand trust webinar? We take a closer look at this important referral opportunity and how our intuitive online trust process and support materials make trusts simple for you and your clients.

Protection trusts webinar

Watch our webinar on protection trusts

Want more support tackling trusts?

We can help remove the perceived complexity from trusts! Register your interest for our upcoming live webinar where we'll guide you through the legal system and resulting implications, and answer key questions such as; what a trust is, when your client should use one, and what the benefits are. We'll also help you understand the different types of trusts available.

Register your interest

Probate hurdles

Probate hurdles sales aid
Learn how your clients can use a trust to avoid common probate hurdles.

Find out more

Benefits of trusts

Benefits of trusts guide
A short guide to help your clients understand the benefits of placing their policy in trust.

Find out more

Guide for trustees

Guide for trustees
All the information and answers to key questions that those acting as a trustee need.

Find out more

Helpful guides to trusts

Adviser guide to online trusts100% online signature-free trusts

Discover how you and your clients can benefit from our intuitive online trusts process. With guidance at every step, we'll make sure you can't go wrong.

Read our guide

Client guide to trustsSupport for your clients

Trusts can be daunting for clients who've never dealt with them before. Our handy guide can help provide them with the key information they need.

Read our guide

Key documents

New protection solutions

In November 2016 we launched our most comprehensive cover to date. By adding three new products; Life Insurance+, Critical Illness+ and Income Protection+, we were able to offer a range of protection solutions to help you meet your clients' needs. Since then we have continued to develop these propositions and have recently launched Living Costs Protection - another quality product for you to discuss with your clients.
Living costs protection

Living Costs Protection

Putting food on the table is one of life's essentials. But if your client can't work, even the weekly shop could be a struggle. That's why we've launched Aviva Living Costs Protection.

With Living Costs Protection your client can choose a fixed monthly benefit of between £500 and £1,500 per month which will be paid for up to  12 months for each eligible claim if your client is unable to work due to illness or injury.  This could help cover essential outgoings like mortgage or rental payments, utilities and food.

Find out more

An end to end online solution

Submitting protection business online has never been easier. ALPS provides a slick, quick end to end system that puts you in control. Our online quote and apply system lets you meet your client's needs in one go with multi-product quotes and applications.

With intuitive design and clear navigation, you can get to where you need to be more quickly. And features such as signature free applications and online trusts speed things up even further. 

Our handy e-guide gives you a guided tour of ALPS so you can get to grips with everything it has to offer in no time.

Take a look now
System guide

Take control with online business tracking

We know your time is valuable. And the ability to easily track exactly what's happening with your clients' cases makes life so much easier.

Business tracking on ALPS puts you in control, giving you the ability to track applications from start to finish, using a range of notifications to manage cases effectively and to take appropriate and timely actions. Our handy e-guide takes you through everything you need to know to get the most out of business tracking.

Take a look now
Tracking guide

Additional benefits for more protection

In addition to the high quality cover provided by our protection products, we also offer a number of additional benefits available at an additional cost which, if chosen, can provide even greater protection against life's uncertainties.

global treatment photo

Global treatment

If your client or their child were to suffer from a serious illness such as cancer, it's only natural they'd want the most accurate diagnosis possible - and access to the very best advice and treatment. We've teamed up with Best Doctors® to offer global treatment. This gives your client access to top medical minds and covers the cost of overseas treatment for certain serious illnesses or medical procedures, as defined in the policy conditions.

Global treatment is a way to make overseas treatment possible. At a time when your client will almost certainly want to explore all possible avenues, it offers more choice and access to quality treatment options.

Find out more

Fracture cover

Fracture cover offers additional cover for a range of fractures, dislocations, tendon ruptures and ligament tears.  

It pays a one-off lump sum if your client suffers from one of 28 specified fractures, dislocations, tendon ruptures or ligament tears during any 12 month period. We'll pay one successful claim each year. 

Find out more


fracture cover photo

extra care cover photo


Extra care cover

In the most severe of cases where an illness has a prolonged life-changing impact, a much larger adjustment to your client's day to day living, and therefore more financial support, may be needed to help make things more comfortable. 

To help protect your clients in these circumstances, we offer extra care cover as an optional benefit on our Life Insurance+ and Critical Illness+ policies. It provides a payment of £50,000, in addition to the cover amount, where your client suffers from a critical illness, upgraded critical illness, or total permanent disability (where selected) and is left with severe, permanent symptoms that meet our definition.

Alternatively, we'll pay the full cover amount plus £50,000 if your client is diagnosed with certain neurological conditions before age 50.

Find out more


Family together

Looking after your client and their family

When you recommend one of our protection policies to your client, you can relax, safe in the knowledge that we’ll be there for them and their families when it really matters. Of course this means we’ll be on hand with financial support if the worst should happen. But with our policies, you get so much more than that.

The following are non-contractual benefits which we could remove at any time.

For more information on any of the services listed below, please read our guide to Support Plus

Counselling and carer services

Life can be tough sometimes, so it helps to have someone you can turn to. That’s why each of our protection policies includes access to counselling and carer support services provided by Workplace Options.

Workplace Options offers face to face or telephone based support for your client and their family, giving help with:

  • Mental wellness issues such as bereavement, work-related stress and relationship breakdown.
  • Facing the challenges that come with being a carer.

Bupa Anytime Healthline

Bupa Anytime Healthline is a telephone support service that gives your client access to a qualified nurse 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your client can use this service to get answers to any questions or concerns they may have about a specific medical condition or to get practical advice on their general health and well being. They can also use the service with regards to their loved ones - for example, if they are worried about their children's health.

Second Opinion by Best Doctors®

Second opinion by Best Doctors® gives your client access to their network of medical experts who can give them answers to any questions they may have. Once your client has contacted Best Doctors®, they will collect their medical records and choose the best medical specialist for their condition. The doctor will then review your clients' case, providing their expert medical opinion in a report which includes:

  • Confirmation of your clients' diagnosis
  • Treatment recommendations
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Protection planning

Our protection articles can help support your financial planning process and offer the opportunity to earn CPD hours.

Claims information

If your client needs to make a claim, you can feel confident that we'll get things right for them at a difficult time.

Underwriting centre

Developed and tested with advisers, a one stop shop for everything you need to know about our underwriting.

Tools and calculators

Access a wide range of handy tools and calculators, designed to help both you and your clients.

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