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Why choose Aviva for protection? 

As one of the UK's largest insurers, we're a name you and your clients can trust. When it comes to protection, we're serious about helping you protect more lives, more easily. Our compelling suite of products and benefits offer more choice and flexibility than ever before, so you can offer tailored protection solutions to a broad range of clients. Take a closer look at protection from Aviva.

Shield your clients from the risk they face with a flexible menu of protection from Aviva

At Aviva, we aim to ensure your clients have access to the protection they need – that’s why we offer a flexible menu solution allowing you to cover each of the main risks they face based on their budget and needs.

Helping with the difficult conversations
We know it’s not always easy to talk about protection, that’s why we’ve developed our interactive protection shield to help answer the difficult questions and show how, with Aviva’s help, you can shield them from the risks they face.

MENU shield

In addition to offering a complete menu solution for your customers’ protection needs, here are just some of the other things you can expect from Aviva.

Unique options
Along with our comprehensive range of products and options, Aviva also offers your clients something unique in the form of Extra Care Cover and Global Treatment provided in conjunction with Best Doctors® and Further. 

Instant underwriting decisions
Around 8 out of 10 customers receive an immediate decision, rising to around 9 out of 10 within 48 hours*.

Menu made easy – create and edit multiple quotes
Thanks to a range of edit options and a simplified journey, it’s easy to compare different cover options and create multiple quotes without entering client details again

Simple online trusts
We believe our trust process is the most straightforward in the market. 100% online and signature free, based on a few simple questions and guidance throughout the process.

Managing new business made easy
Track and manage business with real-time notifications, including updates on medical evidence, underwriting decisions and medicals.


*Underwriting statistics are based on business submitted in 2018.

Our online services - protecting your time and your clients

We’re always improving our online system to give you the speed, flexibility and control that you need to make writing protection business with us simple. Through digital technology, we’ve streamlined processes and made the end to end journey more user-friendly. 

So, however you choose to do business, placing it with us is easier.

Thanks to enhancements across the whole quote process, you can easily generate, edit and compare multiple quote options. Combined with faster, intelligent underwriting that can deliver instant decisions, and real-time online business tracking; it’s time to start taking life a little easier. 

Read our handy guide to learn more about the benefits of our online system. 

Never Stand Still

Re-quote without going over old ground

Our online quote journey has been enhanced to provide the flexibility and ease we know you need to write business the way you want to.

Now, generating multiple quotes and options is easy, helping you to fully illustrate your recommendations and the value of your advice. Here’s just some of the ways we’ve made it easier to write business with us:

  • Mis-keyed your client’s personal details? Now, if a clients’ personal details are incorrect within ALPS (for example, their date of birth or smoker status), you can edit them easily during the quote process. 
  • Add or remove products in the product summary screen, making it easy to refine a basket of products to your requirements. Now, if you want to compare level and decreasing cover, switching lives, compare guaranteed or reviewable premiums or add critical illness cover to a life quote for example, it’s a simple task.
  • Our new ‘copy product’ function makes comparing the same product with slight variations quick and simple. For those instances where you want to compare the same product but with slight variations, a new ‘copy product’ button means you can duplicate the quote in your basket and change the desired criteria, rather than having to start a new quote from scratch.
  • Once you submit the application, you will now be able to see your quote illustration appear in online business tracking.

View our ALPS in focus guide

See how you helped to shape our changes

The more you know, the more you grow

Help your business reach its full potential with online business tracking

Our online business tracking gives you total oversight of your protection business in real-time, anytime.

Effectively manage your pipeline without the need to call us and retain full control over your cases. With business tracking, you’re perfectly placed to take proactive action to always make sure your business reaches its full potential. Here you can:

  • Check the status of individual cases
  • Access policy documents online
  • Receive real time notifications
  • Keep up to date on any actions needed

My Clients

My Clients is your go-to area within our online business tracking for the latest real-time policy and client information on your existing book of business. My Clients covers all existing Aviva policies, so you can manage your back book effectively.

MyAviva is the easy way for your clients to access their policy information online – wherever they are, whenever they want. Instead of having to call or email you for something simple like downloading a policy document, MyAviva allows your clients to do it for themselves, so you can focus on more important priorities.

MyAviva gives your clients a simple, secure and convenient way to check basic policy information online – but for anything more than that, they’re directed your way.

Sign up to business tracking

Learn more about MyAviva

Never repeat yourself

Faster Decisions

    We provide you and your clients with certainty and speed thanks to our intelligent underwriting.

    Our simple, interactive underwriting process ensures we have all the information we need to make an immediate decision for our protection customers in around 8 out of 10 cases, whats more, around 9 out of 10 of our customers will receive decision within 48 hours*; all based on the application alone.

    We're proud of our high straight-through processing rates and we aim to cover as many individuals as possible, applying the same, fair underwriting rules to all.

    *Based on 2018 data

    When we need medical information, we make it quicker

    In those rare cases where we need further medical information to make a decision, digital automation means you spend less time chasing. We've made significant improvements to our processes, resulting in shorter time scales and less hassle for you and your clients:

    • We can gain digital consent to access your client's medical records.In 2018, of the E-AMRA consents we had returned, 73% were received back within 24 hours
    • Upon receipt, the request for a general practitioner's report (GPR) is automatically sent.
    • We save time obtaining the GPR by encouraging the use of third-party 'i-GPR' software which allows GPs to send their report digitally.
    • In addition, we contact the surgery to confirm receipt of the report to make sure there are no delays.

    And with the ability to look up your client's doctor's details in tracking, you can follow up with the surgery directly or edit these details if your client's circumstances change.

    Visit our Underwriting centre

    Online Trusts

    Placing a policy in trust is an easy way of making sure that the proceeds from the policy you recommend to your client go where they should. But as well as giving your clients further peace of mind as part of your professional service, it can also represent an opportunity for you to grow your business.

    Our online trust process can be used across our entire range of personal and business protection products.
Aviva Online Trusts
Discover how you and your clients can benefit from our intuitive 100% online trusts process. 

Support your clients
Trusts can be daunting for clients who've never dealt with them before. Our handy guide can help provide them with the key information they need. 

Probate hurdles
Learn how your clients can use a trust to avoid common probate hurdles

Benefits of trusts
A short guide to help your clients understand the benefits of placing their policy in trust.

Guide for trustees
All the information and answers to key questions to key that those acting as a trustees need.

Our protection products

Our personal protection products are designed to meet your client's needs, whatever they may be.

Life Insurance+
Critical Illness+
Whole of Life Insurance+
Income Protection+
Living Costs Protection
Simple Life Insurance



Our business protection products are designed to meet the protection needs of businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Business Life Insurance Options
Relevant Life Insurance

Additional benefits for more protection

As well as the high quality cover provided by our protection products, we also offer a number of additional benefits available at an extra cost which, if chosen, can provide even greater protection against life's uncertainties.

extra care cover photo


Extra care cover

In the most severe of cases where an illness has a prolonged life-changing impact, a much larger adjustment to your client's day to day living, and therefore more financial support, may be needed to help make things more comfortable. 

To help protect your clients in these circumstances, we offer extra care cover as an optional benefit on our Life Insurance+ and Critical Illness+ policies. It provides a payment of £50,000, in addition to the cover amount, where your client suffers from a critical illness, upgraded critical illness, or total permanent disability (where selected) and is left with severe, permanent symptoms that meet our definition.

Alternatively, we'll pay the full cover amount plus £50,000 if your client is diagnosed with certain neurological conditions before age 50.

Find out more


Fracture cover

Available with our Life Insurance+, Critical Illness+, Income Protection+ and Living Costs Protection products, Fracture cover offers additional cover for a range of fractures.

It pays a one-off lump sum if your client suffers from one of 18 specified fractures during any 12 month period. We'll pay one successful claim each year. 

Find out more


fracture cover photo

Global treatment

If your client or their child were to suffer from a serious illness such as cancer, it's only natural they'd want the most accurate diagnosis possible - and access to the very best advice and treatment.

We've teamed up with Best Doctors® and Further to offer global treatment. This gives your client access to medical experts and covers the cost of overseas treatment for certain serious illnesses or medical procedures, as defined in the policy conditions.

Global treatment is a way to make overseas treatment possible. At a time when your client will almost certainly want to explore all possible avenues, it offers more choice and access to quality treatment options.

Global treatment is available on our Life Insurance+, Critical Illness+, Income Protection+ and Living Costs Protection products.

Find out more

Family together

Looking after your client and their family

When you recommend one of our personal protection policies to your client, you can relax, safe in the knowledge that we’ll be there for them and their families when it really matters. Of course, this means we’ll be on hand with financial support if the worst should happen. But with our policies, you get so much more than that.

We’re proud of the services we offer, helping your client to live more healthily, caring for them through illness and injury and being there to support them and their family in the event of bereavement. For more information on any of the services listed and what's included with your clients' policy, please read our Support Services Leaflet.

Please be aware that all of the benefits listed below are non-contractual and we can remove them at anytime.


Carer Support by Workplace Options
Carers for children, the elderly or those with a disability can access specialist support through Workplace Options, providing access to a range of resources and services to help with some of the challenges faced. This service is available on our Life Insurance+, Critical Illness+, Income Protection+ and Living Costs Protection products.

Get Active Gym Discounts
We’d like to think we can help your customers stay healthy which is why your clients can take advantage of great gym discounts.This service is available with all personal protection products. 

Physiotherapy with IPRS
Access to online and/or face to face physio services aimed at helping your client to manage minor conditions and prevent them from getting worse. Depending on the condition they may receive a consultation, an online physio programme, and up to three face-to-face sessions should they need them. This service is available with Income Protection+. It is also available with Life Insurance+, Critical Illness+ or Living Cost Protection when your client chooses the additional option of Fracture Cover. If your client has a successful Fracture Cover claim they can use this service.


Mental Health Counselling with Workplace Options
Life can be tough sometimes, so it helps to have someone you can talk to. We provide access to face-to-face or telephone-based counselling for your client, their partner and children aged 14 upwards for minor counselling and 8 upwards for family counselling. Parents living in care homes can also benefit too. This service is available on our Life Insurance+, Critical Illness+, Income Protection+ and Living Costs Protection products.

Second Opinion by Best Doctors®
Gives your client access to Best Doctors® network of medical experts who can give them answers to any questions they may have. Once your client has contacted Best Doctors, they will collect their medical records and choose the most appropriate medical specialist for their condition. The doctor will then review your client's case, providing their expert medical opinion in a report which includes:

  • Confirmation of your client's diagnosis
  • Treatment recommendations

This service is available on our Life Insurance+, Critical Illness+, Income Protection+ and Living Costs Protection products.

Bupa Anytime Healthline
This provides a telephone support service that gives your client access to a qualified nurse 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your client can use this service to get answers to any questions or concerns they may have about a specific medical condition or to get practical advice on their general health and wellbeing. They can also use the service with regards to their loved ones - for example, if they are worried about their children's health.This service is available on our Life Insurance+, Critical Illness+, Income Protection+ and Living Costs Protection products.



Estate Administration through MyDigiExecutor
Paperwork can be confusing which is why we offer a discounted fixed fee legal and probate service. Providing digital and over the phone assistance when your client needs it the most. Expert guidance can be provided at no extra cost to help to register a death. This service is available to customers during their policy term and to their executor following a claim on Simple Life Insurance, Life Insurance+ and Whole of Life Insurance+.

Advanced Funeral Payments

Dealing with the loss of a loved can be a stressful time; to make things easier for your client or their family, we can pay the funds from a death claim straight to the funeral director. This service is only available with Simple Life Insurance, Life Insurance+ and Whole of Life Insurance+.

Bereavement Guide
We aim to make the practical side of a bereavement process as straightforward as we can. We have a helpful guide designed to lead your customers through the practicalities of registering a death and what do next. Highlighting legal services that help make sure everything is dealt with properly and in accordance with the law.

Bereavement Counselling
Aviva's Life Insurance+ and Simple Life Insurance aren't  just there to pay a claim, we also provide those left behind with up to 6 face-to-face or telephone counselling sessions from a qualified counsellor. 

Protection planning

Our protection articles can help support your financial planning process and offer the opportunity to earn CPD hours.

Claims information

If your client needs to make a claim, you can feel confident that we'll get things right for them at a difficult time.

Underwriting centre

Developed and tested with advisers, a one stop shop for everything you need to know about our underwriting.

Tools and calculators

Access a wide range of handy tools and calculators, designed to help both you and your clients.

Contact us

You can find contact details for each product area in the drop-down list:

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