Personal Pension

The individual pension plan for clients who want to make regular or one-off payments.

Here are some of the features of our Personal Pension plan:

  • Clients can regularly invest £200 or more a month. They can also invest an initial payment of £10,000 or £10,000 followed by at least £20 per month into a pension plan.
  • There's a choice of over 250 funds for clients to invest in, including the with profit fund. Details of these can be found in the Pension Fund Guide
  • For further information, please view the Personal Pension Key Features Document
Criteria Min/max Detail Notes
Age limits Min age 0 Can be taken out from birth.
Benefits must be taken by age 75 from an Aviva Personal Pension.
Max age 74
Term Min term Regular payments – 5 years
Single payments or transfers – 1 year
Payment limits Min regular payment to start plan £200 a month
£2,400 a year
These amounts are inclusive of tax relief.
Min single payment to start plan £10,000 or £1,000 if the regular payment is £200 a month or £2,400 a year or more.
Min increase in regular payments £20 a month
£240 a year
Clients can increase their payments at any time.
Min additional single payments £1,000
Min automatic annual increase 3% Automatic increases will be at the Average Weekly Earnings Index, subject to a minimum of 3% and a maximum of 15%.
Max automatic annual increase 15%

Clients can switch into Pension Portfolio – under Aviva’s one set of rules

View the Adviser Charge options for our Personal pension plan.


  Type of charge Details Notes
Charges Base annual fund charge
0.7% min This is taken on a monthly basis. The percentages shown are the annual totals.
Large fund discount 0.3% max The amount discounted depends on the fund value of the personal pension.
Additional yearly charge
% Some funds have an additional yearly charge - the amount can vary by fund.
Fund manager expense charge (FMEC) % Some funds have an FMEC - the amount can vary by fund

Charging structure

Fund Size Annual fund charge
£0 - £20,000 0.7%
£20,000 - £50,000 0.45%
£50,000 0.4%


Adviser charge options

At Aviva, we have developed a range of adviser charge options that comply with the RDR regulations, allowing customers to pay for advice from within their pension product. These options are available on all new personal pension products.

The table below gives more detail on the adviser charge options available:

  Initial Initial Ongoing
Available on which payment types? Regular Single, transfer Regular, single, transfer
Duration Spread. Either a number of months or an end date can be specified. One-off. Spread. Either a number of months, an end date or the whole policy term can be specified.
Frequency Monthly One-off. Monthly
Calculation method £ amount £ amount £ amount or % p.a.
Additional information
  • Available to select each time a new regular payment arrangement is added to the policy.
  • Adviser charges must start from the date of the first payment of the new arrangement.
  • Any charge must be less than the payment.
  • The value of the charge taken from the policy is the same as the amount paid to the adviser each month (i.e. on a 1:1 basis).
  • Policies can have multiple initial adviser charge arrangements running at any one time.
  • Available to select each time a payment is added to the policy.
  • Adviser charges must be taken at the same time as the payment is received.
  • The value of the charge taken from the policy is the same as the amount paid to the adviser (i.e. on a 1:1 basis).
  • Policies can have multiple initial adviser charge arrangements.
  • Ongoing adviser charges can be added to a policy at any time. They do not need to be accompanied by a new payment.
  • The start date of an ongoing adviser charge can also be deferred until a specific date.
  • Percentage charges agreed are calculated on a monthly basis as a percentage of total fund value. These values can be agreed in 0.01% steps.
  • The value of the charge taken from the policy is the same as the amount paid to the adviser (i.e. on a 1:1 basis).
  • Only one ongoing adviser charge arrangement can be paid from the policy at any one time.
  • This charge can only be paid to the servicing agent.

Here is some information to help you to decide if our Personal Pension plan is right for your client.

Designed for clients who Not designed for clients who
  • Can commit to make regular payments of at least £200 a month or an initial single payment of at least £10,000
  • Want a wider investment choice than offered on a stakeholder pension
  • Want the flexibility to stop, start or change payments with no penalties
  • Want tax relief on pension payments
  • Are under 75
  • Are a permanent UK resident.
  • Can`t commit to a regular payment of at least £200 a month or an initial single payment of at least £10,000
  • May need access to their money before retirement
  • Have a short time before their retirement age and can only make smaller payments into their pension.
Key considerations Possible alternatives
  • Current income levels
  • Existing pension arrangements including company schemes
  • State benefits
  • Target level of disposable income in retirement
  • Anticipated retirement date
  • Required range of fund choices.
  • The value of your client's pension fund can go up and down and may be worth less than has been paid in
  • Future basis and rates of tax may vary and the tax relief available will depend on your clients' personal circumstances.
  • Company pension scheme
  • Stakeholder pension
  • Other forms of non-pension investment

Here are some examples of the support we offer you and your clients on our Personal Pension plan.

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