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Welcome to the Aviva Smooth Managed Fund

Aviva Smooth Managed Fund

The Smooth Managed Fund is designed to deliver growth over the medium to long term, employing a ‘smoothing’ process to shelter your clients from some of the impact of adverse market movements.

The fund invests in a broad range of global assets which can change over time as we aim to keep the investment risk in line with a medium risk profile.

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The Aviva Smooth Managed Fund offers your clients a more relaxed approach to investing. Smoothing has the potential to take some of the volatility out of stock markets.

Risk can be spread by diversifying, through investing in different assets from across the world. Professional investment managers do the hard work, so your clients can feel relaxed about investing.

It’s all in one fund, from a company with £352 billion under management.

Your clients' investment in the Smooth Managed Fund can go up and down in value and they may get back less than they invested. In particular, a large fall in the market can lead to a price adjustment which could cause a sharp drop in the fund value.

Under exceptional circumstances, the smoothed price can be reset to equal the price of assets in the fund. This could happen if a significant number of customers leave the fund over a short period of time.

How would the Aviva Smooth Managed Fund have performed over the past five years? Review the sales aid to find out more information.

For more detail on the Smooth Managed Fund and where it is invested see the fund fact sheet  and the fund guide.

How the smoothing works

A Smooth Growth Rate is set for the fund which is used to grow the price of the fund.  This rate is equal to the Bank of England base rate plus 5%.

The Smooth Managed Fund price will usually increase daily in line with the Smooth Growth Rate – we call this the smoothed price.

Fund Price Adjustment

Two prices are used, on a daily basis, to determine whether or not a Fund Price Adjustment needs to be applied:

The smoothed price of the Fund - This is the price that you pay to buy and sell units in the Smooth Managed Fund

The unsmoothed price of the Fund - The value of assets divided by the number of units in the Smooth Managed Fund

If the difference between the two prices above is 6.5% or more, we will automatically adjust the smoothed price so that the difference is 1.5%.

Charges: Product and Fund
Pension Portfolio 

0.32% to 0.35% 

Fund 0.65% 
Strategic Asset Allocation at launch
(see latest fund factsheet for most up to date asset allocation)
UK Equities 4.5% 
Global Equities 52.8%
Bonds 24.7% 
Property 5.5% 
Other 7.5% 



Fund price adjustments*
Smooth Growth Rate (SGR) Bank of England Base Rate + 5%
Discretion applied Smooth Growth Rate linked to Bank of England Base Rate (no discretion by Aviva)
Availability Pension Portfolio on the Aviva Platform
Structure Unit Linked
Number of funds

* These can be daily: If difference is 6.5% or more then gap is reduced to 1.5%.

Who may the Smooth Managed Fund be suitable for?

  • Clients who are prepared to take a medium degree of risk with their investment in return for the prospect of improving longer term performance
  • Clients who are comfortable that their investment may rise and fall in value over time and they may get back less than they invested
  • Clients who prefer to spread risk by investing in a wide range of assets and see their money typically be invested more in shares and/or property than fixed interest assets
  • Clients who accept that having a broad spread of assets may limit the potential returns but should help to minimise the fluctuations
  • Clients who would be prepared to stay invested in the fund for at least 5 years.

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