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  ISA Portfolio

The ISA Portfolio is available on the Aviva Platform and lets your clients invest tax-efficiently in a wide range of collective investments and equities from all key investment sectors. All in all, it offers a choice of around 3,000 funds from over 110 fund managers.  

It is a flexible ISA, allowing your client to withdraw money and replace it within the same tax year without affecting their ISA allowance.

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Why ISA Portfolio

  • Access to an extensive range of funds catering for most investment goals and attitudes to risk.
  • All gains will be free from personal taxation.
  • Easily transfer ISAs from current and previous tax years, combining them in one easy-to-manage portfolio.
  • ISA allowance reporting functionality which lets you calculate and display unused ISA allowances for clients.
  • Handle bulk ISA business in a quick and easy way that’s both cost-effective for you and affordable for your clients.
  • Automatic re-registration functionality for fast, efficient transfers without taking your client’s money out of the market.
  • Low 0.25% platform charge for ISA Portfolio helps you serve your clients affordably.

Features of the ISA Portfolio




  • Clients can make initial payments by cheque or bank transfer
  • Clients can make regular payments by direct debit monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly
  • This flexibility lets you and your clients plan when to make deposits into their ISA Portfolio during each tax year

Cash account

  • The ISA Portfolio includes a cash account. We pay any dividends or income into the account, with the cash available to re-invest if that's what you advise
  • We'll pay the pre-arranged adviser charges, Aviva charges, and stockbroking charges from the cash account


Clients can instruct you to:

  • withdraw money from their ISA Portfolio whenever they like
  • make a one-off withdrawal
  • set up monthly, quarterly, half yearly and yearly withdrawals

Investment range

The ISA Portfolio offers you a wide range of choices when identifying the best investment options for your clients.  Choose from:

  • over 3,000 funds from around 110 fund managers
  • cash deposit and cash funds
  • equities
  • exchange-traded funds (ETFs)

The value of investments can go down as well as up and your client may not get back the value of their original investment.

Platform charges

The Aviva Platform charge depends on the value of your client’s ISA Portfolio.

We include any investments your client holds in the Investment or Pension Portfolios when we calculate the charge for the ISA Portfolio. Because of this, your client may receive a discount on the charges for their ISA Portfolio.

For more information on the Aviva Platform charges and examples of how the charging works, please see the Aviva Platform charges and investment limits document.

Aviva charge for portfolio value

£0 to £399,999 


£400,000 and above


OCF/TER fund manager charges

Most investment fund managers make an initial charge for investing in their funds.

Fund managers will also take charges that will depend on the investments chosen. These charges will be expressed as the ongoing charge figure (OCF) or total expense ratio (TER). These cover the charge made by the fund manger for managing the investment as well as expenses incurred by the fund. Please note the OCF and TER are variable and may change over time.

Equity dealing charges

We’ve appointed Charles Stanley Stockbrokers to carry out equity dealing on behalf of your clients when they invest through the ISA Portfolio. The table to the right shows the charges for equity dealing.

Equity trading costs

Up to £15,000


£15,001 to £30,000


Above £30,000


ISA Portfolio limits

ISA Portfolio limits






Regular contributions  

£50 a month

Subject to HMRC limits

Initial contribution


Subject to HMRC limits

Additional lump sum


Subject to HMRC limits




Regular withdrawal

£50 a month





Fund switch account



Transfer between product portfolios



Account balance



Balance for each fund



Who may the ISA Portfolio be suitable for?

Clients who can invest £50 a month or a lump sum of at least £1,000.

Clients who are comfortable that their investment may rise and fall in value over time.

Clients who understand there is a risk they may not get back what they invested.

Clients who want to transfer ISAs held with other providers into one place for easier and more efficient management.


To invest in an ISA Portfolio, your clients must be:

  • aged 18 or over
  • a UK resident, or
  • a Crown employee, or 
  • the spouse or civil partner of a Crown employee

Adviser charge options

We’ve developed a range of adviser charge options which allow your client to pay for advice from within their investment. There are two types of advice charge for the ISA Portfolio:

  • initial advice charge
  • ongoing advice charge


Initial advice charge

Ongoing advice charge

Available on which payment types? 


Single or transfer 

Regular, single or transfer 


Spread. You can specify a number of months, an end date or the whole portfolio term.

A one-off payment.

Spread. You can specify a number of months, an end date or the whole portfolio term.


Monthly or quarterly. This will be determined by when your client makes their regular payment.



Calculation method

£ or % of payments 

£ or % of payments

£ or % of payments

Extra information

  • You can’t set the payment start date for the initial advice charge to a future date.
  • We will take the initial advice charge before we invest your client’s money in the ISA Portfolio.
  • There is no minimum or maximum initial advice charge, but you can’t input an amount greater than the amount of the regular payment.
  • Each single or transfer payment operates in its own right. This means it is possible to receive advice payments on a number of different transfers.
  • The payment type for percentage or sterling can vary by each single or transfer charge.
  • The initial advice charge is payable immediately. You can’t delay payment to a future date.
  • There is no minimum or maximum initial advice charge, but you can’t enter an amount greater than the single or transfer payment.
  • Unlike the initial advice charge, you can choose to start the ongoing advice at a future date – it doesn’t have to start immediately.
  • The charge type can differ by portfolio. For example, you can take a sterling charge on the customer's pre-retirement portfolio and a percentage charge on the post-retirement portfolio.
  • You can increase, decrease, stop or start the ongoing advice charge at any time, but we will need confirmation from your client.
  • The ongoing advice charge payment is limited to the term of the portfolio.

  Get more from the Aviva Platform

We’ve designed the Aviva Platform to be easy and straightforward to use. To help you get the most out of the Aviva Platform, we have a range of support available:

  • Regionally based wealth development managers providing face-to-face and telephone support to help you use the platform for your day-to-day business. Our team is made up of experienced, diploma qualified consultants who have attained the high standard set by Aviva for account management (Tel: 0800 092 9365, Mon-Fri 8:30-17:30).
  • Dedicated platform service and support teams (Tel: 0800 056 4607, Mon-Fri 8:30-17:30).
  • A guide to everything you need to know about the Aviva Platform and due diligence.
  • Step-by-step 'how to' guides to help you use and work with the platform.
  • Online product literature and sales support from the Aviva for Advisers library.
  • Demos to show you how to navigate, manage and transact business on our platform.

Adopting the Aviva Platform for your business

Our platform adoption and development team can help set up the Aviva Platform and turn it into an essential part of your business. We offer:

  • a demonstration of how to use the platform functionality
  • user guides so you can learn at your own pace
  • access to reference material
  • an online platform product library with a host of documentation on our products
  • a fund centre with information on all our funds, including fund group profiles, performance data and sales material.

Get a free demonstration of the Aviva Platform

Contact us to arrange an appointment with one of our consultants (Tel: 0800 056 2026, Mon-Fri 8:30-17:30) or email us at platformservices@aviva.co.uk.

Contact us

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