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  Stakeholder Pension

The simple way for your clients to start a pension, with low monthly payments and low charges.

The value of the stakeholder pension can go down as well as up and could be less than invested.

The Stakeholder Pension could be the ideal entry into retirement planning for clients who want to make low monthly payments and pay low charges.

9 reasons to choose the Stakeholder Pension

  • Payment from as little as £20 (at any time).
  • Charges as low as 0.55% per annum and reduced when the fund value is £50,000 or greater. Some funds will have additional charges, please see our Fund Centre.  The maximum total charges will not exceed 1% per year.
  • Clients can stop, start or change their payments as often as they like.
  • It’s a tax-efficient way for your client to save for retirement.
  • A variety of pension funds you can match to your client’s attitude to risk, including investments in money markets, bonds, shares and property.
  • Ability to switch funds as your client’s circumstances change.
  • For people who are employed, self-employed or un-employed.
  • Clients can pay into a plan on behalf of their children or grandchildren.
  • Offers pension freedom access: full and part UFPLS and flexi-access drawdown (single income withdrawals only)

Read the Stakeholder Pension key features

Figures at a glance





Age limits

Min age


Parents can set up a Stakeholder Pension for children aged under 18. Either the parent, or a third party (such as a grandparent) could pay into it.

Max age


Must start taking benefits before age 75.


Min term

1 month

Payment limits

Min payment


Min automatic annual increase


Automatic increase will be at the Average Weekly Earnings index, with a minimum of

3% and a maximum of 15%.

Max automatic annual increase



Type of charge



Annual fund charge

0.55% per annum

The percentage shown is the annual total.  This charge is taken on a monthly basis, by cancellation of units from the individual plan.

Large fund rebate

0.1% max

Reduces the amount of the Annual Fund Charge.  The amount of the discount depends on the value of the Stakeholder Pension. Please see the table below.

Additional yearly charge

% variable 


Some funds have an additional yearly charge – the amount will vary by fund, but the maximum total yearly charges will not exceed 1% per year.

Charging structure

Fund Size

Discount each year

Annual fund charge after discount

£0 - £49,999



£50,000 - £99,999



£100,000 and over



  Who is the Stakeholder Pension suitable for?

  • Clients who want to start a pension plan with a small amount.
  • Clients who want to pay 0.55% or less of their fund’s value in charges each year.
  • Clients who want the flexibility to stop, start or change their payments as often as they like with no penalties.
  • Clients who qualify for tax relief on their pension payments. (Future basis and rates of tax may vary. Tax relief depend on individual circumstances.)
  • Clients under 75 years of age.
  • Clients who are permanent UK residents.
  • Clients who want access to pension freedoms.

Other considerations

You may also want to take these points into consideration:

  • Existing pension scheme arrangements
  • Required range of fund choices
  • State benefits
  • Attitude to risk

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