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Individual healthcare

Our Healthier Solutions product helps individuals get prompt access to diagnostic tests and eligible private medical treatment at over 400 UK hospitals.

PMI sits so naturally alongside other financial products, it’s a product that’s pertinent no matter what your client’s age, employment, family or financial situation. It’s a flexible modular product, so your clients can choose the options they do want, and leave out the ones they don’t.

You’ll find more details on our HealthcareZone pages – a website for advisers just like you, explaining the features and benefits of each product, along with practical help and advice to grow your business both generic marketing tips and ways to add healthcare products to your portfolio.

  Healthier Solutions

Healthier Solutions is our award-winning individual PMI product, giving individuals and their families prompt access to diagnostic tests and eligible private medical treatment at over 400 UK hospitals.

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  Speedy Diagnostics

Speedy Diagnostics helps people beat the waiting lists to find out what’s wrong. Diagnostics insurance is significantly cheaper than traditional PMI because it doesn't cover any treatment.

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Our clinical expertise

We take pride in our clinical expertise. In fact, we’ve been using it to help people look after their health for years. 

When people aren’t feeling 100%, they want someone who understands what they’re going through – and sick people need to trust the provider that’s looking after their claim. 

That's where our clinical expertise comes in. It informs every aspect of our work – driving us to innovate, and create trusted propositions that can respond to our customers' real needs. We’re big believers in the benefits of prompt intervention – and want to lead by example, helping to prevent illnesses or injuries getting worse, where we can.

It underpins everything we do, from our relationships with hospitals and specialists to our high-quality claims process. Read more about our clinical expertise, and how it helps to make our healthcare proposition so attractive for individual and corporate customers.

We want to help you grow your business

Not just to promote our healthcare products to your clients, but also to grow your business in general. That’s why we’ve created a rich bank of information for you to use:

  • Information about how you can add healthcare products to your portfolio
  • Details that help you explain our healthcare products and services simply and clearly
  • Information that highlights product benefits – overcoming clients’ objections
  • Customer profiles that will help you target new business
  • And even links to other sites that may be relevant if you’re selling PMI 

If you're interested in adding PMI to your product portfolio, or just want to find out a bit more, take a look at our introduction into PMI page.


We know your clients respond to visual cues, instant figures and examples that illustrate your point. So we think these tools will really help… 

Hospital list checker 
Show clients which hospitals they can use if they're covered in the UK under our Individual, SME or Large Corporate PMI products 

Grow Your Business 
Tips, hints, advice and information to help you develop your business and win new clients

Useful documents and links

If you’re promoting individual healthcare, then you’ll find some of our most popular documents here – but you can also order printed versions directly from our HealthcareZone website:

Healthier Solutions - PMI
Speedy Diagnostics - diagnostic health insurance

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