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 Group Life

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Group Life cover is a key component of a comprehensive employee benefits package and a valued benefit that can help businesses attract and retain staff.

With this product, your clients can demonstrate a caring attitude towards employees by ensuring fast and efficient payments to loved ones when loss of life occurs.

Quote and apply

For applications or help call us on 0800 145 5684
Lines are open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.
Calls to and from Aviva may be recorded.

If you are applying for a business with under 100 lives you can use our online system, Aviva Group Protection Online.

Why Aviva Group Life cover?

Years of experience have helped us create a strong, versatile product that gives your clients’ employees an attractive addition to their employment package. Our online claims process serves the real needs of trustees, beneficiaries, and employers, helping them deal with death practically, as well as financially.

We’re able to deliver the service your clients expect. And, we know how important it is to be sensitive at a difficult time. We treat everyone involved with respect and listen to their needs throughout the claims process.

What your clients can expect from Aviva Group Life Cover:

  • Our online claims process is quick and easy – in most cases, we won’t even need the original death certificate
  • We pay eligible benefits promptly
  • In addition to financial support, we offer guidance and bereavement counselling
  • We offer Master Trust for both Registered and Excepted Group Life policies, which means we can provide cover for the whole workforce.
  • Benefit levels can be based on multiples of salary or fixed levels of cover and can also include Death in Service Pensions.
  • Our Group Life policy is easy to set-up – we work closely with you and your clients to reduce administration, especially during the underwriting process
Employer guide to Group Life cover

Full details of features and benefits are listed in our Group Life Product Brochure

Non-standard terms may apply to your client's policy.

Features of Group Life cover

  • Tax efficient premiums – under current UK tax laws premiums will normally qualify as an allowable business expense
  • Prompt payment – eligible claims are paid quickly, often within two days, and generally fall outside of probate, giving beneficiaries financial support when they need it most
  • Online claims process – reduces the need for paperwork at a difficult time
  • Tax-free payment – For Registered schemes, lump sums payable are normally tax-free up to the member’s Lifetime Allowance (LTA). For Excepted schemes, these are also usually tax-free but do not count towards a member’s LTA.
  • Flexible cover – different levels of cover can be chosen with our policy, grouping employees by multiples of salary or lump sum limits – each scheme typically includes a free cover limit, under which, medical underwriting isn’t usually necessary
  • Once only underwriting – benefits above the free cover limit will only be medically underwritten once, up to £5m
  • Cover from day one – we provide up to 90 days temporary cover to a maximum benefit of £1m during the underwriting process, excluding any pre-existing conditions.
  • Dependant pension options – our policy offers the option to provide a pension for the deceased’s spouse or civil partner, dependants or children
  • Added value services – trained bereavement counsellors are on hand to help beneficiaries and employees if they need it
  • Spouse and partner cover – employees can choose to extend cover to protect their spouse or partner through Aviva's Group Life policy
  • Overseas employees – If their contract of employment is with the UK company, we can cover employees based overseas

Information about tax is based on our understanding of current legislation. The law relating to tax may change in the future.

Added value services

We understand that it’s important to support the families and colleagues of the deceased. We provide a range of confidential services from providers.

Bereavement helpline

Care first provide emotional support for loved ones and colleagues from trained bereavement counsellors, and practical advice on issues such as coping with funeral arrangements and obtaining probate. Depending on the circumstances an employee may be referred to specialist organisations for appropriate support.

Stress helpline

Provided by Care first, the helpline gives your client’s workforce access to a 24/7 support from counsellors accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. It can provide practical and emotional support to employees when needed.

Grief Encounter helpline

This registered charity provides much needed information, guidance and support to bereaved children and those who care for them.

All these services are confidential, and the service provider will not share with us any personal information provided to them. They are non-contractual services which can be withdrawn by Aviva at any time, without notice.

Full details of the services available can be found in our Group Life Added Value Services brochure.

Group Life cover - Added value services

The tele-interview

A simple process

A tele-interview (TIV) is a telephone conversation, in which essential medical information is captured. Our tele-interviewers have the skills and are aware of medical details that can help them interpret the conversation and record the details. This helps us gather details about employee’s health and medical history that can provide faster underwriting decisions.

TIV is a straightforward process

We’ll call your client’s employees and ask them about their work, health, lifestyle and medical history. All information is treated in the strictest confidence and is only used for their application. Afterwards, we’ll issue a copy of the report from the tele-interview to the employee, which they'll be asked to check thoroughly. If they need to make amendments, we ask them to do this in writing.

We collect the necessary information

In many cases, our underwriters can make their decision based on the report from the tele-interview. Sometimes we need to ask for more information from the employee’s doctor or other medical professionals. Occasionally, we’ll ask an employee to attend a short medical examination with an independent clinician.

If an employee would rather not have a tele-interview, we can use a medical declaration form to capture information about their work, health, lifestyle and medical history.

Renewing cover

In most cases, we will review the rate and terms of policies every two years. We’ll notify you six weeks before the anniversary date, at which point it’s good to re-engage with your clients to ensure they have the right levels of cover and whether their business has changed.

Master Trust

We offer Master Trust arrangements for Registered and Excepted Group Life policies, for both online and offline business.

The Master Trust arrangements offer an affordable and simple process for employers to provide their employees with life insurance. This process requires less time and resource to set up and manage Group Life policies, which means it can be a more cost-effective solution for your clients. The arrangements enable us to cover all insured members of an employer under either of the two trusts.

The Master Trust arrangements are governed by the main independent trustee, PTL Governance Ltd (PTL).

The benefits of the Master Trust arrangements are:

  • Simple to set up with single point of contact that minimises administration.
  • No need for an employer to complete a standalone trust.
  • Quicker on-risk process with no need to obtain a PSTR number from HMRC for a Registered Group Life Policy.
  • Full support when implementing a scheme.
  • Effective solution to what could otherwise be a time-consuming and costly process.
  • No additional cost
  • Holistic proposition that provides cover for both Registered and Excepted Group Life policies.
  • Ongoing independent trustee governance for transparent management, provided by PTL.

What your client needs to consider

Before filling in the forms, your client will have to decide if there will be age requirements associated with the scheme – such as a fixed probationary period.

However, every employer must comply with the Equality Act 2010. They should therefore think about:

  • The levels of benefits they’d like to offer to employees
  • The cease age for the policy
  • The eligibility criteria and the category of employees that are to be covered

Quotes through Aviva Group Protection Online (AGPOL)

When obtaining a quote for Online Group Life products through AGPOL there are four different options to choose from:

  • Registered
  • Excepted
  • Registered with Aviva Master Trust
  • Excepted with Aviva Master Trust

Once you choose the product option, the rest of the online quote process remains unchanged.

We're here to help you

Some clients will be uncomfortable discussing plans to cope with deaths in their workforce. However, these are risks that companies could benefit from considering, particularly those that are employing specialist or high-paid senior personnel.

We’re here to help you explain the benefits of our Group Life policy. We can answer any questions that you or your clients have about all the products in our Group Protection portfolio, and how they can work together.

We can help you apply, deal with any queries, and give you information that will help your clients proceed with confidence as they buy a Group Life policy.

These documents will help you apply

Group Life - Application form

Group Protection Direct Debit Mandate

A dedicated SME team here to support you

For your smaller clients, our dedicated SME team are here to help you grow and support your portfolio. They’ll give you as much or as little support as you need.

Contact the team today: 0800 404 5035 or speak to your Aviva Account Manager.

Group Life cover claims

Through our Bereavement helpline, we can offer colleagues and beneficiaries of the member support, guidance and advice.

In most cases, we don’t need to see the death certificate if we can verify the death online. We can normally do this for UK deaths, when registered for at least two weeks. Claims can be submitted before this to allow us to begin our assessment. Online verification gives time back to those affected so they can concentrate on other matters, such as funeral arrangements.

Making a claim is easy with our online claims process

(Please note, our online claims process applies to non-Master Trust options only).

There are a few simple steps to follow:

You or authorised individuals at the company can complete a claims form at www.aviva.co.uk/grouplifeclaim

We'll need:

  • details of the policy, the scheme name and number
  • the member's personal details and the date, location and cause of death
  • the member’s employment details, including the length of time in service and salary
  • Payee details. We can make payment to a Trustees account or a third party account, which can include a company account, solicitors or direct to the beneficiary.

If a death in service pension is being claimed, we’ll need the dependant’s details, the amount of pension payable and to whom this should be paid. We’ll also need the member’s marriage or civil partnership certificate, and birth certificates for any dependants who are to receive pension benefits.

If we need a signed and printed copy of the claim form, we’ll provide a link to print the form to the person who submits the claim. We can accept a scanned and emailed copy of the signed form.

If there are any questions, or your client wants to change any of the details submitted, they can contact our Claims team on 01603 680715 or email

Master Trust claims

If the claim is under a Master Trust scheme, your client will need to submit a Master Trust paper claim form.

Submitting a paper claim

To submit a paper claim, please download a Claim form from our Document library.

It's important to note that we won't pay claims or requests for additional amounts of benefit that are submitted more than two years after a member's death.

Which documents should you use?

Our documents help you introduce the benefits of this product to your client.

Group Life literature describes the cover and the options in full. It’s important that you get to know these documents well, as this will help you conduct a compliant sale.

These documents explain how the product works

These documents help you make applications

You’ll find a full range of Group Life literature in our searchable document library.

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Created with Group Protection and Health advisers in mind, it's a free, easy to use resource, enabling you to master your own approach to marketing and help give your business an extra boost.

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We're here to help

For help or queries, call us on 0800 145 5684 or speak to your Aviva Account Manager

If your query relates to an existing policy, please call 0800 051 3472,
or email GroupProtectionSalesSupport@aviva.com

Lines are open 9.00 am-5.00pm, Monday to Friday. Calls to and from Aviva may be recorded and/or monitored.

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