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 Aviva Flex-pertise™
Aviva Flex-pertise

Aviva Flex-pertise is part of an award-winning Group Protection proposition which can be incorporated into your client's flexible benefits offering to help them meet the diverse needs of their workforce. We hold the largest share of the Group Protection flex market (1) providing financial reassurance and valuable support against the impact of serious illness, injury or loss of life. Aviva Flex-pertise includes:

  • Group Income Protection
  • Group Life cover
  • Spouse/Partner Life cover
  • Group Critical Illness cover
  • Spouse/Partner Critical Illness cover*
  • Children's Critical Illness (including cover for child-specific conditions)*

*Spouse/Partner and Children’s Critical Illness cover are only available if Group Critical Illness cover is selected. Terms and conditions apply.

(1) Statistics based on 2016 in-force Group Protection premiums written under flex arrangement with Aviva provided to Swiss Re as part of Swiss Re Group Watch 2017.

Aviva Flex-pertise provides cover for policies of 250 lives or above (or 100 lives for Group Life where you provide a core level of this cover). The cover can be tailored to meet the needs of your clients, their employees and their wider family.

Benefit details Group Income Protection  Group Life Spouse / Partner Life Assurance  Group Critical Illness Spouse / Partner Critical Illness Children's Critical Illness cover 
Minimum core benefit (selected and paid for by the employer) 35% of salary 1 x salary payable as a lump sum payment No core benefit required No core benefit required None*  Automatically included when Group Critical Illness cover is selected
Maximum benefit levels available 80% of salary or £425,000, whichever is lower 15 x salary  £150,000 £500,000 or 5 x salary, whichever is lower £250,000 25% of the value of an employee's benefit up to a maximum of £20,000 
Aviva Flex-pertise step options for employees 80%, 75%, 66% or 50% of salary, plus the option to increase the benefit payment term Increases of 2x, 3x or 4x salary

Steps of £10,000



Steps of £10,000 or £25,000 Steps of £10,000 or £25,000  -
Added value services  Group Income Protection Group Life Spouse / Partner Life Assurance  Group Critical Illness Spouse / Partner Critical Illness Children's Critical Illness cover 
Best Doctors® - green tick green tick green tick
RedArc Nurses - - green tick green tick green tick 
Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) green tick - - - -
Bereavement Helpline green tick green tick - -
Stress Helpline green tick green tick  green tick green tick
Workplace Wellbeing training  green tick - - -
Rehabilitation Services green tick  - - -
Cancer Work Support Service green tick - - - -
Cancer Information Service -  - -  green tick  green tick
Discounts on additional Aviva products  green tick  green tick  green tick  green tick   green tick  -
Gym membership discount green tick  green tick  green tick  green tick  green tick  -

Please note that all added value services and customer discounts included under our cover are non-contractual benefits and can be withdrawn at any time without notice. For further information about the full range of cover provided under Aviva Flex-pertise please refer to the policy terms.

*Available if Group Critical Illness is selected

Offering Aviva Flex-pertrise as part of a flexible benefits package has many benefits for both your clients and their employees:

For employers

Providing Aviva Flex-pertise allows employers to:

  • Differentiate their benefits offering from competitors and help to recruit the best available talent
  • Develop a comprehensive benefits package that reflects their company culture whilst effectively managing budgetary requirements
  • Benefit from access to a range of support services and training to compliment the skills and resources already available within their business
  • Decide the level of cover they wish to offer as a core benefit, ring-fencing the amount they want to contribute

For employees

Selecting Aviva Flex-pertise provides employees with:

  • The opportunity to create a package that suits their individual needs and budget with the ability to elect their spouse or partner for certain benefits
  • The flexibility to review benefits annually, or at a regular lifestyle event, such as marriage or the birth of a child, adapting their to suit any change in circumstance
  • Access to a range of services designed to provide extended support, advice or guidance when it’s needed most
  • A greater awareness of the benefits being provided by their employer and the value of these

WSB Awards- Group Risk Proivder Winner

Cover Excellence Awards- Best Group Income ProtectionBeing the UK’s biggest insurer, and one of Europe’s leading providers of life and general insurance, is just a small part of our story. What’s more important to us is being able to use our scale, years of experience and adaptability to provide unrivalled solutions for the most pressing employer and employee needs.

shieldExpert support

At Aviva we’re experts in flexible benefits. We pride ourselves on the quality of service that we provide you and your clients. You will have direct access to a dedicated flex administration team, who only deal with flex arrangements, whilst also being aligned to a dedicated account manager, scheme underwriter and sales support consultant. We will ensure that you have the relevant support you need as, and when, you need it.


We’re here to make life easier for you and your clients. From implementing a scheme to building on-going relationships and paying claims quickly, we’re here to help you meet the needs of your business and those of your clients.

shieldCover for the people who matter

Whether it’s our child-specific critical illness coverage, access to medical experts, or supporting those left behind should the worst happen, Aviva Flex-pertise provides your clients employees and their loved ones with support beyond the workplace.

shieldFlexible solutions

Aviva Flex-pertise is more than just a quirky name. We don’t offer group protection propositions for your clients to fit around. We will support you in assessing your client’s needs and the demands of their business, working together to build a solution that’s unique and relevant to them.

For further information about Aviva Flex-pertise please visit our document library

For further information and useful tools to help build your business please visit our building your business page

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