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Aviva Platform

Aviva Platform

Find out more about how to use our Aviva Platform services

Client details

You can search for a client using their full name, surname, date of birth or portfolio number. If multiple clients match the criteria entered, you can select the appropriate client by clicking on their surname.

Once you have selected your client you can view basic client details, policy numbers, start dates and individual and aggregated valuations.

To see a summary of your client’s Aviva Platform portfolio click on their portfolio number.

Creating a quote

Quote for Aviva Platform products online.

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Note: In the client details section, your name will be displayed automatically if you are logged on as the adviser. If you are logged on as an administrator or paraplanner, you need to select the correct adviser from the drop down menu.

Retrieving a saved quote

View your ten most recent quotes.

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Submitting a new business application

Business must be submitted online for the Aviva Platform products.

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Retrieving part completed applications

View your ten most recent part completed applications.

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Retrieving completed applications

View and print completed applications.

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View pending applications

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Note: Pending cases can be included in a client report but will show a value of ‘£0.00’. Pending cases will not appear in portfolio analysis.


Setting up income drawdown.

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Top up / add new portfolios for an existing client

Top up existing portfolios or add a new portfolio.

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Internal transfer

Tranfer monies between portfolios.

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Investment profiles

Setting up an investment profile.

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Note: The individual creating the profile is given permission to edit the profile by default, unless they re-assign that permission to someone else by selecting an alternative adviser.

Bulk asset switch

Switch multiple clients from one investment to another.

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Note: If logged on as an administrator, paraplanner or firm principal you will need to select an adviser from the drop down box.

Bulk profile switch & re-balance

Switch multiple clients from one investment profile to another.

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Note: A bulk profile switch will automatically trigger a bulk re-balance. If an individual switch is undertaken it is necessary to manually trigger the re-balance.

If logged on as an administrator, paraplanner or firm principal you will need to select an adviser from the drop down box.


How to complete a 'buy' transaction(s)

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How to complete a 'sell' transaction(s)

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Note: If you specify to sell a monetary amount then the most you can sell is 80% of the fund value. This is because the value of the fund could fall below the requested amount before the sale has completed. 

If there are currently any pending trades on the client's portfolio you won’t be able to sell from these funds, and the screen will show a pending transaction.

Switching for individuals

Switch investment to different funds.

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Portfolio re-balancing and changing profile

Rebalance a portfolio or change a profile.

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Note: Individual re-balancing: to re-balance a single portfolio, click on ‘Rebalance today’ (the process is not automatic for individual portfolios, only for bulk switch/re-balance)

If you change the profile you must remember to select the re-balance date to ensure that the monies move to the new profile.

Business reporting

The platform offers a number of online reports to help you analyse your business and your clients.

Business reports we offer:

  • Client assets
  • Adviser charges
  • Correspondence
  • Clients
  • Summary assets
  • New business
  • Trades outstanding
  • Back office valuation
  • Pension income – LTA % exceeds 90%, 1 & 3 month alerts
  • Investment profiles asset allocation, by account and valuations
  • Suspended direct debits
  • Unused ISA allowance

If you use Iress or Avelo you can also access the following back office reports:

  • Adviser office cash
  • Adviser office holdings
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Client reporting

Select which accounts and information to include, and then generate the report.

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Portfolio performance

View the performance of the portfolio over specific time periods by selecting a custom date range for the report.

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Portfolio analysis

Portfolio analysis gives you an aggregated view of your client’s underlying holdings across the Aviva Platform and packaged Aviva products. The service provides a detailed overview broken down by:

  • Asset allocation
  • Sector
  • Market capitalisation
  • Geographical allocation
  • Country weightings
  • Stock holdings
  • Equities market cap breakdown
  • Fixed interest credit quality profile
  • Fixed interest currency breakdown
  • Cumulative and discrete individual fund performance

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Creating a client's CG report

Create a Capital Gains report on the Investment Portfolio.

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Note: If you transfer-in holdings from another provider the quantity of each transferred asset will be listed, but you’ll need to identify the amount paid for each asset and record it in the ‘Acquisition cost £’ column. If this is not completed, it will not be possible to identify the capital gain for each asset.

Viewing a client's unused ISA allowance

View a client's unused ISA allowance.

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Transaction history

View the full transaction history by date or time period. Alternatively you can search for specific transactions.

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Income distribution – monies generated by investments and deposited back into the investment.

Natural income – income from an investment that’s deposited back into client’s bank account, this is therefore not shown on transaction history.

Alert notifications

Set up alerts to be sent to an email account.

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Alert history

View alert history.

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Taking income from the pension

Flexi-access drawdown income maintenance

Capped to Flexi-access conversion


Capped drawdown income maintenance

Withdrawal history

Making ad hoc withdrawals

Amendments to direct debits

Aviva Platform forms & procedures

At the end of a quote or new business application all relevant documents will be available to print. Documents and forms can also be found in the Aviva for Advisers library.

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Note: Every application needs client bank details – this is a legal requirement for us to hold client money.

Arrange a demo

For more information about Aviva for Advisers, or to arrange a live demonstration of the site, call: 0800 092 9448.

9.00 am to 5.00 pm, Monday to Friday

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