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Smart, simple and convenient

MyAviva is our online service portal for your clients. It enables them to keep an eye on their Aviva policy, all in one secure, easy-to-use place. From investments to income drawdown, from pensions to protection.

Why recommend MyAviva to your clients?

Encouraging your clients to register for a MyAviva account is an easy way to add value to the excellent service you already provide.

Clients can check their policy whenever they want. And it frees up time you might spend answering basic queries.

We all want to live a life less complicated. And with MyAviva, everything just clicks.

Watch our short video to see what advisers had to say.

Tick in a circle Add value to your service

Today, people expect to have convenient online access to their finances, 24/7. MyAviva gives them just that – allowing your clients to check their basic policy information whenever and wherever they want.

Tick in a circle Free up your time

Instead of having to call or email you for something simple like a pension valuation, MyAviva enables your clients to find it themselves. Advisers who are already recommending MyAviva to their clients say it saves them a lot of time they might have spent dealing with basic enquiries.

Tick in a circle Improve client satisfaction

Our research shows that customers who use MyAviva are more satisfied.

Tick in a circle Stay in control

Although your clients can view policy and/or investment information, they can’t make any changes. You remain firmly in control of the relationship. What’s more, users of MyAviva are directed to speak to you about their financial needs – enhancing your relationship with them.

Tick in a circle View policy documents and statements

Your clients can view their policy documents and annual statements online, too. Doing it this way is more secure than post or email, and because it’s paperless, it’s better for the environment (they can continue receiving paper communications as well if you or they prefer).

Tick in a circle Access other Aviva policies

If your client already has other policies with us, such as car or home insurance, they’ll be able to access them through their MyAviva account. They can make claims and renew these policies through MyAviva, too. Making everything nice and simple.

Tick in a circle Get instant valuations

One of the most popular reasons clients log in to MyAviva is to keep an eye on how their pension or investment is doing. It gives them an instant, up-to-date valuation – and they can also see which funds they’re invested in, and how those funds are performing.

What can my clients do?

Here’s an overview of what your clients can do using MyAviva:

Product  View policy View documents Change of address Change of contact details
Annuity green tick green tick green tick green tick
Bonds green tick green tick green tick green tick
Critical illness+ green tick green tick green tick green tick
Endowments green tick green tick - -
Lifetime mortgage green tick green tick -
Income drawdown green tick  - green tick green tick
Income protection+ green tick green tick green tick green tick
Life insurance+ green tick green tick green tick green tick
Pension green tick green tick green tick -

The exact features available may vary, depending on which type of product your client has and when they took out their policy.

What can’t my clients do?

MyAviva gives your clients a simple, secure and convenient way to check basic policy and fund information online – but for anything more than that, they’re directed your way.

So, if your client wants to do something like switch funds, make a payment or add a beneficiary, they’ll know to get in touch with you.

If you have any questions or concerns about what your client can or can’t do through MyAviva, please speak to your usual Aviva contact.

How does your client register for MyAviva?

It’s easy. All your client has to do is head to aviva.co.uk/myaviva and click ‘Register’.

We only need a few basic details to set up their account.  For more information, see our platform customer guide

If they already have a MyAviva account, all they need to do is log in. They’ll be given the option to view the policy you’ve set up for them through their existing account.

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