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You're shaping what we do

Mar 25, 2019, 09:55 AM
by Jenny McGivern, Proposition Manager
We're making things easier
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Following the largest system change we’ve introduced to our intermediary quote and apply system since launch, I wanted to take the opportunity to share some further background - and some personal reflections - about the enhancements we’ve made.

Why have we made a change?

We want to offer a market-leading system that helps you do business the way you want to with minimum effort. So, we're constantly looking for ways to improve. What’s really helped me get under the skin of some of the issues our users are facing has been seeing them in action. I spent a huge amount of time in 2018 travelling up and down the country, meeting advisers like you and seeing and understanding how the system needs to work for them.

We have a large user base, all interacting with ALPS differently, with slightly differing requirements from our system. It’s been a huge challenge designing new quote screens that work for everyone.

I suppose the same applies in any purchase journey where buying styles differ. The challenge is designing a journey that works for all. Some advisers know exactly what product they want and need to quickly and easily see a price for that. Others want to play around with different product options before settling on maybe two or three multi-product options for their customers.

Our aim

We’re specifically addressing some of the following challenges you’ve fed back to us. We wanted to make our system as intuitive, easy, quick and flexible as possible, removing some of the frustrations you’ve told us about. We’ve really listened to what’s important and that’s remained at the heart of every decision we’ve made, that’s why we have tackled the following challenges and found solutions that work.

  • If a mistake has been made when keying client details, you don’t want to have to start again
  • If you forget to print the quote illustration, you don’t want to have to ring us up for a copy
  • When comparing multiple products & options, you want to see prices quickly & easily – you don’t want us to over-complicate the design of our summary screen
  • You want the flexibility to edit any product details you might need to – you don’t want to be restricted by what our system allows
  • If you want to make a small tweak to a product to see a quick comparison price, you don’t want to have to start the quote again


The journey we’re on together

As I mentioned, this development was born out of your feedback. We’ve worked closely with a group of advisers to develop these changes, constantly iterating design based on adviser testing. We’ve also had our user experience team close to this piece of work helping us create the easiest user journey possible.

Some of the main things that struck me during our testing was that advisers want:  

  • As few clicks as possible - we previously displayed some of our product information over two pages to simplify input, but this inadvertently made the process longer and increased the number of clicks
  • Reduce rework/rekeys – your time is precious, anything that removes the need to start again when making a mistake is key
  • Make it easy for me – if advisers forget to print a quote, make this easy to retrieve and self-serve, rather than having to phone us
  • Don’t over complicate things – users must learn how to use lots of different provider systems, so make it as intuitive as possible.

Listening to our adviser community has been fundamental to the development of our system and something we’ve remained absolutely committed to during this project.

What I’m most proud of is that, whilst our products have the in-built flexibility to be tailored to individual clients needs, following these enhancements, our system now allows you to be flexible too, making it easier for you to give your clients choice.


In a busy world, where a matter of minutes could mean protecting another client, we’re confident that these recent enhancements will help make that as uncomplicated as possible. We’re committed and invested in making our system as user friendly as possible and we’re not finished yet! Watch this space for further enhancements to our system over the coming months.

If you have any specific feedback on our changes, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

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