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Helping you protect those working in the NHS

Aug 13, 2018, 10:13 AM
Our latest income protection enhancements
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On 5th July 2018, the National Health Service celebrated its 70th birthday1, so it seems fitting to mark the occasion by enhancing the protection we offer to the everyday heroes who provide this important service.

Those working in the NHS encounter people on a daily basis who are ill or injured and often unable to work. So they understand perhaps better than most the impact this can have on peoples’ lives - and the value of protection. 

Recognising NHS sick pay arrangements 

NHS sick pay arrangements are very different compared to other vocations. Entitlement builds over 5 year’s continuous service, but if the individual leaves the NHS for more than 12 months at any time during their career, their entitlement is reset. 

Changing sick pay arrangements could cause financial difficulties during a career within the NHS and make it difficult to choose the appropriate deferred period for an income protection policy. 

Our latest enhancements

We’ve some special arrangements in place for NHS workers to ensure they receive income protection benefit from us when they need it most. We want to remove any uncertainty so that if they have a successful claim, we’ll provide a monthly benefit amount as soon their sick pay with the NHS stops or reduces.

With effect from 22nd July 2018, we’re introducing the following changes to the special arrangements we offer medical professionals under our Income Protection+ policy:

  • We're extending this important benefit to include NHS nurses and midwives.
  • To help remove any uncertainty at point of claim, we’re removing the need to take out a policy on a dual deferred period. If your client is a registered doctor, surgeon, nurse or midwife working for the NHS, they can take out a policy on a 52 week deferred period. We’ll pay the benefit in the event of a successful claim when sick pay from the NHS reduces or stops - even if this is within the 52 week deferred period. A reduced benefit amount will be paid whilst your client still receives a proportion of sick pay from the NHS or other continuing income.

If your client isn't working for the NHS at the point of a successful claim on the policy, the benefit will be paid at the end of the 52 week period.

We also offer a number of other benefits ideal for NHS staff, such as;

Sabbatical cover – if your client wants to study, travel or take time out to raise a family, we’ll continue to cover them as though they’re still at work (benefit will only be paid for a maximum of 12 months).
Overseas cover – your client can take their cover with them to many countries, including North America, Australia, France, Germany and Spain. Please see policy conditions for full details of what we offer.

No exclusions for HIV or AIDS - Needle-stick injuries can be a common occupational hazard for NHS workers. And while the risk is small, you can rest assured that we don’t have any exclusions for HIV or AIDS.

Further support

We’re delighted to be able to make things simpler for medical professionals. Income Protection+ dovetails with NHS sick pay arrangements to provide seamless adaptation of our cover to meet your client’s circumstances as their NHS career progresses.

And to make life a little easier for you, we’ve produced a handy customer guide - especially for these types of client. You can find this, along with a range of useful tools and information on our new income protection hub.

Take a look now

1. https://www.england.nhs.uk/nhs70/ - contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v.3.0.

IP01152 07/2018

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