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Group Income Protection rehab delivers

May 14, 2018, 15:10 PM

Statistics show early intervention works

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Advisers can take comfort in Aviva’s 2017 Group Protection support and rehabilitation statistics, which reveal that early intervention has delivered positive outcomes.

Aviva Group Income Protection: employee rehabilitation statistics 2017

Aviva’s Group Income Protection delivers financial support and rehabilitation services to employees, helping them return to work following an accident or illness. Our statistics (1) show how we are helping meet the rehabilitation needs of UK employee’s, through a modern, flexible workplace proposition. For example, in 2017:

  • 85% of all cases resulted in a positive outcome
  • 84% of mental health condition cases returned to work within the deferred period
  • 81% of employees with musculoskeletal disorders returned or remained at work
  • 61% of employees diagnosed and treated for cancer returned to work with our support

Rehabilitation through our Group Income Protection proposition is essentially a win-win situation for both employers and employees. For employers, it shortens the time the employee is not working and the inevitable impacts this causes to an organisation and helps manage claims costs and ultimately risk pricing.In addition, the rehabilitation and support could have a positive impact on preventing any future absence. For employees, the support has enabled them to return to work more quickly, in many cases their earnings return to their original level and the specialist support they have received could result in increased employer loyalty.

Early intervention strategy delivers results

Employers recognise that early intervention for employee sickness can deliver benefits: 88% of all new cases were received within the deferred period. 60% of our cases were referred to specialist medical services, compared to 46% in 2016. This demonstrates the increased use of our rehabilitation partner network, which aims to provide the best possible treatment and support to help an employee return to work.

Aviva Group Protection Customer Propositions Manager Julian Nurse said: “These figures show that we have helped reduce lengthy absences in businesses by providing early intervention and proactively managing employee health issues. Advisers can feel confident that our award-winning Group Income Protection cover is a strong proposition and can add value to an employer’s benefits package.”

Musculoskeletal rehab

Here’s an example of how Aviva can deliver results for both employees and employers: take a spinal injury which requires surgery, meaning an employee could be off work for 10 weeks or more. Our rehabilitation case manager would complete an initial needs assessment call with the employee to evaluate what we may be able to do to help during their recovery, and during this call it may become apparent that their NHS funded physiotherapy had ended.

In this type of case we, for example, could potentially fund additional sessions of intense strength-focused physiotherapy for the employee and, if needed, also carry out a worksite assessment to identify the functional requirements of their role. The rehabilitation case manager may then develop a bespoke phased return to work plan. The employee would complete the plan, beginning on light restricted duties, to help rebuild their strength before making a safe, timely and durable return to all aspects of their normal role within the deferred period.

Action on mental health issues

More than half (63%) of all new cases submitted to our rehabilitation services in 2017 were for mental health related conditions – a substantial increase year on year from 30% in 2015 and 57% in 2016, reflecting the continued increase in awareness and support for mental ill health within Aviva and throughout the media, for example, 14-20 May is Mental Health Awareness Week, organised by the Mental Health Foundation (MHF).

To sum up, our figures show that our group income protection solutions have helped reduce potentially lengthy employee absences by providing early intervention and by proactively managing health issues.

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