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Extra Care Cover

Aug 12, 2019, 11:30 AM
You never know what's round the corner
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A further £50,000 for critical illness cover claims?

See how Extra Care Cover could provide even more protection


Everyone understands the importance of critical illness cover, but what if your client’s situation is permanently changed as a result? Although people can make a full recovery from some conditions, others are likely to get worse over time or cause a significant impact to a client’s lifestyle over the longer term.

In these circumstances, a claim made under critical illness cover can typically help in the short term – for example, by paying off the mortgage or getting rid of debts, but sometimes clients may need more – more care, more changes to their home or more equipment to help them live comfortably.

Extra Care Cover could help with these costs. It could pay out if your client is permanently unable to do three of our defined activities of daily living or if they are under 55 and they meet our definition for certain debilitating conditions.

For an additional cost to their policy, your client could receive a payout of £50,000 and in some circumstances this is up to a year following their initial claim.

We’re constantly reviewing and improving the cover we provide for you and your clients and it’s through this process that we’ve identified ways to further improve our Extra Care Cover:

  • We know from our extensive claims experience that the illnesses we cover are more likely to occur as you age and that symptoms will typically worsen over time. That’s why we’ve increased the maximum age for specified conditions from 50 to 55.
  • We’ve simplified our policy wording. By making the Extra Care Cover definition more straight forward, it should be easier for you to communicate the benefits to your clients and for them to understand when they have a valid case to claim.
  • We’ve added a further four conditions that can be claimed against up to the age of 55 – Kidney, Liver, Heart and Respiratory failure. These conditions typically lead to a deterioration in health over a longer period, often resulting in significant care needs to support changes in lifestyle that Extra Care Cover could help provide the money to pay for.


Paying out claims is what we do as an insurance company, but we’re always looking for ways to help more of our customers. Take a look at our video and see if your clients could benefit from cover that goes above and beyond or for more information, download our guide to Extra Care Cover.

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