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Discretionary Investment Managers

At Aviva we work with a large number of Discretionary Investment Managers (DIMs). Choosing who to hand over control of your clients investments to can be tough, therefore we’ve asked each of our DIMs to outline their business for you to help you decide who you want to work with.

Once you are happy with the DIM you have chosen, simply get in touch with them and tell them you would like to access their portfolios on the Aviva Platform. The DIM will take it from there. We’ve integrated with the DIMs, all of which you can access seamlessly with your Aviva for Advisers login. This means all you have to do is choose the appropriate model portfolio offered by the DIM when processing the application online.

Seven Investment Management logo

The 7IM Model Portfolio Service (MPS) is a risk rated range of model portfolios which use a strategic (backward-looking) analysis combined with a tactical (forward-looking) view. The asset allocation is then implemented using a range of low cost passive and smart passive instruments researched and selected by 7IM. The model portfolios are tactically adjusted every quarter, within upper and lower volatility boundaries, to reflect the Investment Team's views of the ever changing economic and market conditions. The 7IM MPS can also include a service to review exiting client portfolios to assist the adviser.

Standard Life logo

Aberdeen Standard Capital’s Managed Portfolio Service offers a comprehensive investment solution, featuring a range of investment styles to suit different client needs and risk profiles. It offers investors access to institutional investment and research capabilities; Aberdeen Standard Capital works closely with the Aberdeen Standard Investments Multi-Asset Investing Team for asset allocation guidance and the Aberdeen Standard Investments Multi-Manager Strategies Team for fund research*.

All portfolios are widely diversified and funds are selected on a whole-of-market basis. The Investment Team use a blend of active and passive funds, depending on their view of which asset classes and fund managers have the potential to outperform passive solutions.


*Aberdeen Standard Capital is the discretionary investment management arm of Aberdeen Standard Investments. Aberdeen Standard Investments is a brand of the investment group.

Bordier logo

Bordier & Cie (UK) PLC (Bordier UK) is a specialist wealth manager that promotes a long-standing culture of consistency and excellence, whether in the performance of our portfolios, the service given by our staff or our award-winning reporting. Our focus is on providing investment management services, including the management of funds for general investment accounts, ISAs, pensions, trusts and offshore bonds. Our key partners include financial advisers, lawyers, accountants, charities, family offices and other large institutions.

Brewin Dolphin logo

We’re one of the UK’s leading providers of discretionary wealth management services. With origins dating back to the mid-18th Century, we are extremely experienced in dealing with the ups and downs of investment markets – helping money work harder by sticking to the tried and tested basics of extensive research backed by a consistent, disciplined investment process.

Brooks Macdonald logo

As a professional adviser, you provide your clients with holistic financial advice. You have a unique understanding of their financial positions, goals and aspirations, which enables you to assess suitability on an ongoing basis. Our aim is to support you in achieving the best possible investment performance for your clients, thereby allowing you to concentrate on growing your business.

Our discretionary investment solutions apply our proven, centralised investment process. This involves the implementation of an asset allocation strategy and the evaluation and selection of individual investments, operating within the boundaries of defined risk controls. Our investment solutions are underpinned by the three key principles of our investment philosophy: to utilise a proven active investment process, to integrate effective risk management and to maintain portfolio focus.

Brown Shipley logo

Brown Shipley is a private bank, which combines over 200 years of pedigree with informed advice, contemporary vision and trust to deliver a uniquely personal service.
In our words - Wealth well managed: a UK authorised bank with a very strong balance sheet and high capital adequacy ratios, the bank's business has and continues to be managed in a measured and conservative way. In the volatile and challenging markets, this approach means our clients can trust us to act with informed responsibility.

Cazenove Logo

Cazenove Capital is part of the Wealth Management arm of the Schroders Group. Our combined heritage, created by bringing together Schroders and Cazenove Capital, is unique in the investment world.

Both companies have their history in trade finance that saw the City of London develop into a major commercial and financial centre at the beginning of the 19th century. Building on our bespoke offering, MPS is a modelled solution for clients for whom a bespoke service may not be cost-effective.

Our main objective is to preserve and grow the value client’s wealth after inflation, managing risk in a cost-efficient manner. Our business is built on trust, something we have developed whilst working in partnership with advisers for more than 15 years.

City Asset Management logo

City Asset Management specialise in ‘real return investing’. Our portfolios are all managed on an Inflation plus approach - for example Real 4 targets returns of CPI + 4% per annum and aims to outperform inflation plus 4% per annum over the investment cycle. Our award winning approach aims to grow our clients’ real wealth at a risk level appropriate to them and is generally more suited to clients who have either accumulated wealth, have a lower capacity for loss, are nearing, or are in retirement.

Dynamic Core Satellite logo

DCS is a risk rated discretionary management service available on the Aviva platform. It consists of an actively managed fund (CF Resilient MM Balanced) as the core with a number of passive funds making up the satellites.The investment objective is to achieve long term growth through a fixed weight portfolio utilising collective investments across various asset classes.There are no additional restrictions on any particular geographical area or any economic or industrial sector.

EBI Portfolios Ltd logo

EBI specialise in offering evidence based, passively managed, and low-cost investment solutions to financial advisors throughout the UK. As the UK’s first Turnkey Asset Management Program (TAMP), EBI provide a suite of resources aimed at helping advisers communicate their investment proposition to clients.
EBI partner with advisory firms to provide portfolios through their Managed Portfolio Service, Vantage, but also to offer additional support in the form of cashflow modelling tools, portfolio analysis, a repository of whitepapers and research, and assisting with daily administration tasks their members face. Investment Philosophy
Evidence Based Investing – The process of systematically reviewing, appraising and implementing academic research findings to aid the delivery of optimum investment solutions to investors.

EBI’s Investment Philosophy is built around the core principal beliefs of;

  • Diversification works
  • Risk and reward go hand in hand
  • Investing is a zero-sum game
  • Obtaining economies of scale
  • Capitalism works
  • Remaining understandable and simple                                                               

ESG Portfolios

Having recently launched their ESG-Integrated Earth Portfolios, EBI believe we are at a tipping point in history where sustainable investing becomes mainstream. It’s fast becoming apparent that evidence-based, ESG portfolios are available with little or no additional cost, and even show signs of out-performing their non-ESG counterparts.

FE Investments

FE fundinfo facilitates better, more efficient investing by connecting fund managers and fund distributors and enabling them to share and act on trusted, insightful information. We provide the data, tools, infrastructure and expertise required to research, distribute, market and invest in funds and model portfolios – maximising efficiencies for asset managers and fund distributors through our unique cloud platform.

We help fund managers collate, store and share their fund data – reducing costs and creating operational efficiencies. This helps connect them to an extensive network of fund distributors and media partners helping them increase AUM and brand awareness.

For more information visit: www.fe-fundinfo.com


Flying Colours Life Investment Management aims to make investment management more accessible and transparent for clients. Our roots and experience in fund management ensure a personal approach when it comes to investing money on behalf of our clients, and our motivation lies in a genuine desire to make a difference to people’s futures and maximise the potential for solid long-term returns.

Hawsksmoor investment management logo

Hawksmoor Investment Management is an independent boutique investment manager. We are headquartered in Exeter, with offices across the South West, London and East of England. 

Hawksmoor is focussed on providing outsourced investment solutions to Financial Advisers. In addition to Model Portfolios, we offer bespoke discretionary management, a BPR-based AIM Portfolio Service and a range of funds of funds. We have a strong capability in Sustainable investments. Our suitability and portfolio construction processes are designed to dovetail with those of the IFA, to ensure that our portfolios perform as promoted and expected.

HSBC logo

HSBC Global Asset Management provides investment opportunities across multiple asset classes and capabilities, focusing on connecting the developed and developing world to unlock sustainable investment opportunities for investors and their advisers.

Through a long-term commitment to our clients, we deliver expert insights and specialist investment strategies that draw on our global on-the-ground expertise.  HSBC Global Managed Portfolio Service is a cost-efficient, globally managed portfolio service from a highly experienced team offering a choice of 5 easy-to-understand risk rated portfolios.


IBOSS is a boutique asset management company, providing cost-effective, innovative and adaptive investment solutions exclusively to the financial adviser marketplace.

We only deal with professional financial advisers and planners, as we firmly believe clients benefit from financial advice when making long term investment decisions, and therefore we don’t deal directly with retail investors.

The company was established in 2008, the founders of IBOSS all previously held senior positions within advisory firms and had grown frustrated with the available investment solutions available to advisers.

Our website contains multiple testimonials from long term IBOSS users who provide details of their experiences using IBOSS investment services and products.

Our original investment solution was the IBOSS Limited Portfolio Management Service (PMS). Seven risk-rated model portfolios were constructed in 2006 by Chris Metcalfe, Managing Director and Co-Founder of IBOSS. These model portfolios continue to offer excellent risk-conscious returns.

King and Shaxson ethical investing logo

At King & Shaxson we understand the interaction between investment objectives and ethics, and we have designed five ethical model portfolios to cater for a range of risk and income requirements. The portfolios are designed to meet ethical investor’s concerns, avoiding involvement in armaments, tobacco etc, whilst focusing on investments in solutions to social and environmental challenges. We have been managing ethical portfolios since 2002, it is our sole mandate and not part of an overall fund management offering, meaning we have a track record in ethical investing.

Liontrust investment partners logo

Liontrust is a specialist fund management company that takes pride in having a distinct culture and approach to running money. What makes Liontrust distinct? We are an independent business with no corporate parent, our head office is on the Strand in London and we have offices in Edinburgh and Luxembourg. We believe in the benefits of active fund management over the long term and all our fund managers are truly active.We focus only on those areas of investment in which we have particular expertise. We have seven fund management teams: five that invest in UK, European, Asian and Global equities, one team that manages Multi-Asset portfolios and a Sustainable Investment team. Our fund managers are independent thinkers and have the courage of their convictions in making investment decisions.Each fund management team applies distinct and rigorous investment processes to the management of funds and portfolios that ensure the way we manage money is predictable and repeatable.

Lowson and company logo

Lowson & Company are a small firm of Chartered Financial Planners, running discretionary model portfolios for our own clients and clients of selected IFA partners.


Luna is an appointed representative of Thornbridge Investment Management, and it is Thornbridge which appears on the platform as the discretionary manager.

Who is Luna Investment Management?

Luna is a new, specialist investment management firm based in Manchester, yet serving clients throughout the UK.  Although a new entrant to the UK investment management industry, Luna can boast a pedigree provided by its team of investment management professionals who are highly regarded by their clients and industry peers.  This team has in excess of 150 years of combined experienced in the provision of bespoke, discretionary investment management services to a variety of clients and their advisors. Together they have managed in excess of £1billion of client investments.

Why invest in the Luna MPS?

  • Luna have highly experienced Fund Managers and a pedigree in managing discretionary managed Model Portfolio Service.
  • Luna is a small firm which gives flexibility in decision making and access to smaller investment vehicles. For example, we don't wait until a fund hits £50m or £100m like some of the larger players that need to because of their size. 
  • Managed by people that understand markets.
  • There to support you and your clients; presentations, ad hoc reporting and performance.


MAIA Asset Management is a boutique investment company offering 10 risk-rated managed portfolios, actively managed by highly experienced specialist managers with a focus on optimum performance. All of MAIA’s portfolios use Distribution Technology’s risk output.

Their investment process is a continuous exercise which is based on their initial strategic asset allocation. MAIA continually monitor funds’ asset allocations relative to benchmarks and have an ongoing review of fund selections. Whilst MAIA believe in active management, their primary concern is to identify funds capable of maintaining consistent results over the longer term.

The team’s breadth of experience allows them to invest across a diverse range of funds, including more esoteric funds, such as global convertibles and thematic funds, and they consider their investment style to be a diversified, multi-asset approach.

With the aim of utilising their position to offer full support and a personal customer service to financial advisers, MAIA offer direct access to their investment managers.

Momentum global investment management logo

Momentum Global Investment Management (Momentum) is a global investment manager focused on designing, building and managing investment solutions, delivered through multi-asset funds and DFM model portfolios. Established in 1998, Momentum is part of MMI Holdings, a large South African insurance and investment business, listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

Morningstar logo

Morningstar is a leading provider of independent investment research. Financial advisers and other investment professionals turn to Morningstar for tools that help them research, analyse and present their investment ideas. Drawing from our global resources, Morningstar Investment Management Europe has developed Morningstar® Managed Portfolios and Morningstar® Governed Portfolios. These portfolios are intended for citizens or legal residents of the United Kingdom and can only be made available through the use of an authorised Investment Adviser.

We combine risk profiling, renowned asset-allocation research, value oriented investment selection and professional investment expertise in our Portfolios. We use unbiased, objective research from Morningstar to create a range of portfolio options for clearly defined risk profiles. Each portfolio we create is built for the long term and managed with a keen eye on risk. Our managed portfolio services can help enhance your investment offerings, strengthen client relationships and streamline your business.

Together, we bring your clients the best of both worlds: a plan that you’ve tailored to their goals with the advantages of professional portfolio management.

OI ABW 740x494

Octopus Investments manages over £6 billion on behalf of more than 50,000 investors. We have market leading positions in tax-efficient investments, such as Venture Capital Trusts and Inheritance Tax services, as well as an innovative and highly-regarded multi manager business. Octopus launched its multi manager business in 2008 and now manages more than £1.2 billion. The multi manager investment team has honed its investment approach over the years, delivering high-quality investment portfolios, regardless of the size of the investment. Octopus Portfolio Manager was launched in 2009, and is available exclusively through financial advisers. Octopus Portfolio Manager gives investors access to some of the most effective investment strategies available – within one professionally managed portfolio - and is designed to the bring the benefits of discretionary wealth management to everyone, at a very competitive price. It aims to access the best investment opportunities globally across a broad range of asset classes.

P1 Investment Management logo

P1 Investment Management (P1) is a discretionary investment manager working closely with industry professionals, using technology to overcome the restrictions and limitations dominant in many traditional investment houses.

Our Managed Portfolio Service (MPS) provides a range of carefully and professionally managed investment portfolios spanning hybrid, passive and ethical portfolios.
With the client outcome in mind, our investment process combines our strategic and tactical asset allocation with granular portfolio construction and stock selection to add further value.

Our portfolios are built around core holdings with satellite tactical investments aiming to take advantage of shorter term themes. Our hybrid portfolios consist of active and passive investments. Passive investments are used where we believe active managers are not able to add value sufficiently to justify the higher charges. As a result, we believe our hybrid portfolios have the ability to outperform while having a lower overall cost. We also strive to raise awareness about the importance of ethical and sustainable investment and increase familiarity with the concept through seminars and lectures. We endeavour to engage with fund houses and to shape the ethical and sustainable investment debate.

Premier Miton Logo

The Premier Portfolio Management Service offers a choice of managed investment solutions, comprising three income portfolios, eight growth portfolios and four risk targeted portfolios, designed to meet the different long-term investment needs of investors. The Premier Portfolio Management Service sits alongside Premier Miton's established range of funds. These funds form the investment building blocks of each of the portfolios, cover a variety of asset classes and markets and are managed by Premier Miton's specialist investment managers and investment teams. The portfolios are actively managed by the Premier Portfolio Management Service investment committee, led by Premier Miton's Chief Investment Officer.

Psigma logo

Psigma Investment Management provide tailored inflation-plus investment solutions to private clients, pension schemes, trusts and charities and manage over £2.84bn in assets (as at 31/12/18). Our established expertise in multi-asset investing can be accessed through a range of investment solutions that include our Platform Portfolio Service.


Established in 1875, Redmayne Bentley is one of the largest independent private client investment management and stockbroking firms in the UK.

Our robust investment processes enable us to build solutions for the intermediaries who use our services and ensure they get exactly what they are looking for from us.

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and professionalism and have repeatedly won industry awards for our investment offering.

Rowan Dartington logo

Rowan Dartington Intermediaries is a division of Rowan Dartington which specialises in providing discretionary portfolio management exclusively to clients of financial advisers; providing a well-established proposition and a professional discretionary managed service to the financial advice proposition for more than 26 years.

S & P Logo

Sarasin & Partners LLP is known both as a market leader in thematic investment and for long-term income and dividend management across multi-asset and equity mandates. Consistent with a longer-term approach is a commitment to ‘stewardship’ principles, embedding environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations into the investment process.  Sarasin & Partners LLP is a London-based asset management group managing £14.7 billion for a wide range of clients including intermediaries, charities, institutions, pension funds and private clients.  We believe in taking a long-term, global approach to investing, adopting a holistic view of the underlying financial performance of companies. This involves going beyond valuations to analyse environmental, social impacts and governance practices, to identify opportunities that will provide enduring value for our clients.

Our fundamental purpose is to deliver strong, long-term investment performance and exceptional client service. Our core values – such as integrity, innovation, passion and responsibility – are the guiding principles on which we perform our work and conduct ourselves. In an ever-changing world, they remain constant and form the foundation of everything we do.

Smith and Williamson logo

Our Managed Portfolio Service (MPS) is designed to address these issues and provides high-quality investment management for your clients’ portfolios. Investors are given a choice of five Distribution Technology (DT) risk-rated models, with the service being 5-star Defaqto rated. The models are actively managed and built using a range of investment tools including open-ended funds (OEICS, unit trusts) and exchange traded funds (ETFs). This structure offers diversification by asset class and product type, giving our investment managers additional flexibility to respond to changing market conditions. Our MPS is administered by the external platform and structured to preserve the client/adviser relationship.

Tatton Investment Management

Tatton Investment Management is an investment manager principally recognised for its benchmark-setting Platform-based Managed Portfolio Service (MPS). Launched in 2013, we are a specialist investment manager accessible only through Financial Advisers and investment platforms. We are part of Tatton Asset Management plc, listed on the Alternative Investment Market of the London Stock Exchange; a group of firms, that provide a range of consultancy, mortgage and investment services to Financial Advisers and their clients. 

We believe in the importance of financial advice, so we work exclusively with Financial Advisers, collaborating with them to help meet their clients’ investment goals. We offer investors a range of investment strategies, all based around our philosophy of delivery against investment objectives, value and fee transparency at service levels we expect for ourselves. Our market-leading charge of 0.15% per annum with no minimum investment threshold beyond the platform minimum makes discretionary portfolio management accessible to many investors.

TCF logo 350px

Our low cost, Multi-Asset Portfolio Solutions are an efficiently managed set of models designed to fit with adviser planning processes.
We offer two investment styles (passive and “core and satellite”) and a range of different risk profiles in each.
We offer bespoke investment solutions tailored to fit with the advice process of adviser firms and which allow for more efficient operation for the adviser.
We also provide a range of highly rated support services for advisers.

Thesis asset management logo

Thesis provides discretionary investment management for individuals, charities and trustees through our personal investment portfolio and model portfolio services. With approximately £13 billion under management and over 40 years experience, Thesis has a proven track record. But it’s not what we do that’s different; it’s how we do it.

Tideway Logo Aviva Hub

Established in 2009, Tideway Investment Partners LLP is an independently owned firm of asset managers and financial advisers focused on the at retirement market. Tideway Asset Management team brings decades of experience in the fixed income and equity markets to the task of creating Tideway Horizon Portfolios. Horizon portfolios are specifically designed for pension drawdown investors with a view to delivering stable, secure returns ahead of inflation (i.e. positive ‘Real’ returns) after all fees.

Tilney for professionals

Tilney for Professionals is an award winning investment manager, trusted to manage over £24 billion of assets globally. Built on a heritage of more than 180 years, our focus is to preserve and grow the real value of client assets after inflation and fees. We pride ourselves on offering the highest levels of professional service and our dedicated Business Development team have a wealth of expertise in working with financial advisers across the UK.

Verbatim logo

Since our launch in 2010, Verbatim has had one simple investment philosophy: to provide investment solutions that consistently meet both your and your clients’ expectations. All of the Verbatim investment solutions follow a clear mandate to deliver strong performance against a proven asset allocation, based on a set risk profile. We appoint the industry’s top managers to run our investment solutions to a strict mandate.

To ensure that our solutions continue to meet your and your clients’ expectations we employ a team of leading industry experts to form part of our independent Investment Committee. All of our investment solutions are overseen by our independent Investment Committee, which brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the governance and oversight for all of our investment solutions.

The Verbatim Managed Model Portfolio service is designed to provide the adviser with access to industry leading managed model portfolios that operate in conjunction with their advice process. Our model portfolios are designed to ensure that the adviser retains control of the client relationship, whilst we ensure that the client’s portfolios remain suitably aligned with the investment advice.

Vintage logo

Vintage Asset Management is an independent and boutique discretionary fund management company which offers a range of six model portfolios through a suite of risk-rated strategies.

The ethos of our business is the provision of high quality investment management services with a focus on strong relationships with both advisors and clients. We construct portfolios for each mandate with a diversified range of funds with daily liquidity, which we rebalance on a quarterly basis or on an ad hoc basis if deemed desirable. We have an emphasis on capital preservation and on smoothing returns for each mandate which we benchmark against a specific target return based on a rolling three year return net of charges. We believe this is easier for clients to understand than some of the more complex benchmarks in the market.

Our investment approach is to use experience, hard work and common sense in the analysis of economies, markets, sectors, stocks and shares. We invest over the long-term while being flexible in the shorter-term and we place an emphasis on investments that can provide resilience at times of market weakness. The portfolio uses collective funds whose broad remit serves to diversify risk while also having portfolios that are diversified themselves: our policy is to invest no more than 5% into a single position. We are willing to hold substantial amounts of cash in portfolios if circumstances dictate, including the use of money market funds.

Walker Crips logo

Alpha: r² by Walker Crips is a whole of market Managed Portfolio Service (MPS) which is available only via intermediaries. Each portfolio is designed to provide high quality relative outperformance, for a given level of risk. The models are closely aligned to the industry-standard multi-asset PIMFA benchmarks, allowing them to fit seamlessly into advisers’ client profiling.

Waverton logo

Waverton is an independent investment management house dedicated to providing high quality investment outcomes through bespoke discretionary portfolios and a platform based portfolio service. We are single minded in our approach and only provide investment management services - dovetailing with the financial and tax planning advice provided by financial planners. Founded in 1986, the headcount of the firm today stands at over 120 members of staff, of which a quarter are portfolio managers with responsibility for over £5.2bn of assets.

Wellian Investment Solutions logo

Wellian Investment Solutions is an award winning multi-manager investment management business. As a multi-manager business it specialises in identifying the very finest investment talent from around the world and then blending and combining these managers together to create robust, diversified portfolios. Wellian Investment Solutions have developed their own bespoke manager selection and asset allocation processes and also undertake extensive due diligence on all of the managers before including them in the model portfolios.

Whitechurch Securities logo

Whitechurch Securities Ltd is an independent investment management firm with over 35 years’ experience of wealth management. We provide services exclusively to Financial Advisers who maintain the client relationship, whilst our fully qualified investment team take full responsibility for the construction, active management and administration of your investment portfolio. We offer award winning investment services, ranging from low entry model solutions to bespoke solutions, with clearly defined risk profiling. This includes: Dynamic Planner ratings available on a wide range of models, performance and Due Diligence independently assessed by Asset Risk Consultants (ARC). Ethical investment solutions are available across our range of portfolios with a three year performance record. Portfolios are administered in-house or on Platform with transparent and competitive charges and we have a dedicated team working closely with Financial Advisers.

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