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Protection inheritance tax calculator

Our simple calculator can help you quickly work out your client’s potential inheritance tax liability based on their current assets and liabilities.

Terms of use

  • The inheritance tax calculator is for adviser use only
  • All the values it shows are indicative, and for illustrative purposes only. Aviva does not accept any responsibility for errors, inaccuracies, omissions or inconsistencies relating to the output created by this tool or for any decisions or actions taken as a result of the information given. This should not be relied upon in place of legal or other professional advice
  • Any references to tax treatment are based on Aviva’s understanding of legislation and HM Revenue & Customs practice at the time of publication. Both of these are likely to change in the future, and a liability to tax may arise under an existing arrangement. Every care has been taken as to accuracy, but it must be appreciated that neither Aviva nor its representatives can accept responsibility for loss, however caused, suffered by any person who has acted or refrained from acting as a result of material published. Individual tax liabilities, if any, depend upon the individual circumstances of each client
  • Please read the full terms and conditions carefully before use 
  • You will need to save the calculator tool to your local drive before using it
  • We suggest you download a fresh copy of the calculator each time you use it to ensure you have the latest version.  By downloading the tool you are confirming that you accept and agree to the calculator terms and conditions.

Inheritance tax calculator

Terms and Conditions for use of the Inheritance Tax Calculator

These Terms and Conditions govern the use of the Aviva Inheritance Tax Calculator ( “the calculator”) and are supplementary to the Terms of Business For Firms (“our Terms of Business”) and Terms and Conditions for the Aviva Adviser Portal which you have previously entered into (the “Portal Terms and Conditions”).

Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully. By proceeding to use the calculator you confirm that you have read and agree to these Terms and Conditions and that you agree to be bound by them.

Any references to Aviva in these Terms and Conditions shall have the same meaning as Aviva in our Terms of Business. Any reference to you or your in these Terms and Conditions shall mean any party accessing the calculator other than Aviva.

These Terms and Conditions shall be interpreted in accordance with the law of England and Wales and the English courts shall have sole jurisdiction.

Nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall operate in any way so as to assign, transfer or otherwise dispose of any Intellectual Property Rights owned by Aviva or the Aviva Group Companies in relation to the calculator.

About the calculator

  • The calculator may only be used by financial advisers who have previously entered into Terms of Business For Firms with Aviva, and who have a current distribution account with Aviva.
  • The figures provided by the calculator are not guaranteed and are based on the information provided by you as well as Aviva’s understanding of current legislation and tax rates. Actual figures may vary and the calculator should only be used as a general guide.
  • Aviva does not give any warranty in respect of the information produced by the calculator or in respect of any subsequent use of that information. You acknowledge and agree that no such warranty has been provided by Aviva. Any warranties which may be implied by law are excluded to the fullest possible extent.
  • Any advice or guidance provided by you as a consequence of your use of the calculator will remain your sole responsibility, and Aviva will have no liability in respect of any claim that may be made by any of your clients or any other party relating to your use of the calculator.
  • Aviva may withdraw the calculator at any time without notice.

Your obligations

  • You acknowledge that the calculator may be unavailable for use at any time, and that Aviva is not liable for the unavailability of the calculator under any circumstances.
  • You undertake not to interfere with any programs or data relating to the calculator.
  • You undertake not to subcontract these Terms and Conditions or sub-licence the calculator.
  • You promise to pay Aviva's losses and expenses (if any) and hold Aviva harmless in respect of any claim that may be made by your clients or any other party directly or through their legal representatives arising from your use of the calculator.
  • You agree not to use our intellectual property rights other than as permitted by us under these Terms and Conditions and promise to pay Aviva for any losses we suffer arising from any breach by you.
  • You undertake that where your client’s consent is required for the purposes of the Data Protection Act you will be responsible for ensuring this has been obtained.

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