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Does the new platform pre-populate information?

Yes, you can pre-populate applications from a quote. We’ve also reviewed all of our existing business processes like payments and withdrawals to reduce the time it takes to complete.

Have you changed the products available on the new platform?

We will still offer our existing product range.

How will lifetime allowance protection work following migration?

We’ll transfer accounts with fixed or enhanced protection to the new platform with the relevant lifetime allowance protection figure.

If I’m selling down assets from an Investment Portfolio to fund an ISA Portfolio, when is the cash available for use?

The cash will be available for use once the trade is settled. This is the same as the current process.

If there is a trustee on a case, would both the trustee and the client be able to view the platform online?

Yes, you can give both of them access on a read-only basis. You will be able to set this up with your regional support team.

Is there any training and support for advisers on the new system?

You can access our online training materials, including videos and guides, on our training hub. We recommend you bookmark this page for future reference.

My client is currently being charged a Managed Portfolio Service fee across the whole of the policy even though they are only 75% invested. After migration, will this change in line with the new proposition?

On the new platform, your client will only pay charges for the assets held in each model, regardless of the total value of the portfolio. With the new platform, you can hold multiple models within a single wrapper, mixing and matching between your own and those managed by a Discretionary Investment Manager. All of this gives you and your clients greater flexibility over investments.

On the new platform, will we be able to accept an inherited pension to a beneficiary who isn’t a UK resident?

There will be no changes to our current proposition so unfortunately we will not accept an inherited pension from a non UK resident.

What format will reporting be available in?

Business reports will be available in Excel format. Our new Aviva Platform client report will be available as a PDF.

What new business applications will you migrate?

If you’ve submitted an online application, we will migrate pending commitments. We won’t migrate quotes and applications you’ve stored but not submitted. You'll have to re-enter these.

What will you do if there is material market movement during the trade restriction period?

We aim to avoid periods of peak market activity and keep the trade restriction period to an absolute minimum. However, once we’ve started the migration, we’ll only stop it in exceptional circumstances.

When is the last day I can submit new business or make any trades, switches, top-ups or payments from an ISA Portfolio, Investment Portfolio or Pension Portfolio?

You can see a list of trading restriction dates in our adviser communication and find out more on our communications page  

Will distributions and natural income generated by assets be paid Gross or Net?

We’ll automatically pay gross for asset groups that moved to paying gross income following the change in tax rules from April 2017. For asset groups still issuing dividends net of tax, we’ll make gross payments to your clients. We’ll then reclaim the tax from HMRC on both the ISA Portfolio and the Pension Portfolio, which is what we do today.

Will the migration affect in-flight trades?

We’ll migrate all confirmed trades, managing them to have the minimal effect on the customer while keeping migrated data stable. We will give you a cut-off point to make sure we don’t have any unconfirmed trades. You can see a list of trading restrictions in our adviser communication, or find out more on our communications page

Will you be telling Discretionary Investment Managers about the trade restrictions?

Yes. We’ll contact them and train them in the same way as our other advisers and firms.

Will you have capital gains reporting capability on the new platform?

We'll offer a capital gains report that can be exported as an Excel spreadsheet.

Will you have non-UK currency assets available on the platform post-migration?

No, we will only offer sterling denominated assets.

Will you pay my adviser fees during the migration period?

We will still be paying adviser fees throughout the migration period, and there will be no changes to payment dates. The way you will be able to receive your remuneration statements is dependant on how you usually access them. If you receive remuneration statements via a back office this will continue to be available through the migration period and no action will be required. However, if you access your remuneration statements via the platform then the final pre-migration statement will not be available online – your usual Aviva contact will be able to provide you with this after migration weekend.

Will you tell my clients about the migration?

In September we wrote to all Aviva Platform clients to tell them about the migration and included their revised terms and conditions and direct debit information. In December we sent an update with key dates and trading restrictions which may affect their accounts. You can find out more about client communications, including copies of client letters, on our dedicated page

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