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Retirement planning conversations

Client conversations

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The contents in this section was first published in 2014 as part of the Aviva Sandwich Generation study.
It has not been updated but is available for your reference

Retirement planning and the sandwich generation

Retirement can be an exciting new stage in life. But how much are your sandwich generation clients really putting away, and will it be enough to support their lifestyle and that of their dependents? With complex financial circumstances, they need your guidance when making the right choices for their retirement.

New Thinking uses the latest insights from behavioural science to help you effectively communicate the benefits of timely retirement planning to your clients.

Who are the sandwich generation?

The sandwich generation could make up as much as two thirds of your client base, so they're essential to the success of your business.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • They are typically aged between 45 and 60
  • They often support elderly parents and adult children at the same time
  • They’re time-poor, feeling the pressure from different directions and often experience inertia when it comes to making decisions and taking action


Behavioural science and connecting with the sandwich generation

Behavioural science teaches us that many of our decisions and behaviours are influenced in unconscious ways by our environment and the behaviour of others around us. By showing you how to better understand the decision-making processes of your sandwich generation clients, we can help you communicate with them more effectively.

Together with behavioural science experts Professor Paul Dolan and best-selling author Steve Martin, we’ve created an exclusive new book, New Thinking: Behavioural science and the sandwich generation.

Discover more about how to build stronger relationships with your sandwich generation clients.

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Top tips on better client conversations: retirement planning

Top tips on better client conversations: retirement planning - Behavioural science expert Steve Martin discusses his top tips on how to have more successful conversations about retirement planning with clients.

Retirement and the sandwich generation

Download our guide for practical information and insights on the sandwich generation and how behavioural science could help you to better engage with clients.

Download our guide

Helping you earn CPD hours

We know how important it is for you to continuously develop your understanding and knowledge. Our book on the sandwich generation is accredited by the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII).

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 Take a look at our retirement planning videos...

Our videos can provide you with insights on retirement planning for the sandwich generation.

Retirement planning insight

Tony Warwick gives his insights into the sandwich generation and how to have more effective conversations with them about retirement planning.

Retirement planning and why it matters

Phillip Barnes, expert financial planner from Financial Management Bureau Ltd, shares his personal experiences and learnings on retirement issues.

  Aviva insights: retirement planning and the sandwich generation

When it comes to finding the best retirement solutions for your sandwich generation clients, it’s important to start with the facts. To help you identify the challenges and opportunities they face as they approach retirement, we’ve created this handy infographic full of key facts and insights.

 Download the infographic

Retirement planning infographic

  Saving for retirement: behavioural science sample letter and email

Communicating effectively with sandwich generation clients about planning for their future can be difficult – some clients are reluctant to even start those conversations. So we’ve teamed up with Steve Martin to produce a sample letter and email that uses many behavioural science techniques. These generic examples show how you can use behavioural science to introduce conversations to sandwich generation clients, helping you have more effective results, more often.

 Download the sample letter and email 

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