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Behavioural science

This content is for protection advisers only.

What is behavioural science?

Behavioural science is a branch of science that deals primarily with human action.

It shows that we are hard wired in many behaviours, and respond in a predictable way to certain cues and influences. And we’ve collected information which can help make your business more effective right here.

At Aviva, we know that you want to have the most successful conversations you can with each of your clients to get the right solution for them. 
To improve your conversations, it might be time to think about Behavioural Science!

We’ve got tips on:

  • How to make your business more digital, including how to build your social profile and the tools available to you.
  • How you can use behavioural science to build stronger relationships with your clients, helping you have challenging conversations about charging fees.

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Adviser conversations guide
Learn how behavioural science can help your client conversations about charging. Learn more

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