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Aviva Platform whiteboard

Moving to a new technology provider with FNZ is an important step for the Aviva Platform. As you can imagine, it’s a complex delivery, and we’ve faced some challenges along the way. But we’re confident the new platform will soon make it faster and easier for you to do business. In the meantime, we thank you for bearing with us.

If you have an issue that isn't highlighted, please visit our FAQ's, contact  or your usual Aviva consultant.

Quote and apply

Description Interim process  Target fix date Last updated
There is currently no critical yield calculation on the platform illustration.  Use Aviva's critical yield calculator

17 April  18:00

Top up/What if illustrations are currently unavailable. Please produce a new business quotation until resolution of the problem.   w/c 30 April   

17 April


In some instances tax relief is not being applied to regular contributions.



We completed the work to add tax relief to contributions made post migration for all affected accounts on the 5th April and investment of the tax relief on these accounts is now complete. Further remediation will be completed soon for any underpaid advice fees as a result of this issue.

20 April



Description Interim process Target fix date  Last updated

When switching clients between models an error message may appear where clients have regular payments in place.

This impacts full switches (by value of selecting “sell all”). Please redirect the regular contribution before trading. If purchases are in process you may wish to wait for these to settle before processing the switch.

Please note, we have had isolated reports that this generates a new DD advance notification, however there is no impact on the client.

w/c 28 May 

12 April  13:00

Following a model re-balance a small number of client accounts are showing duplicate funds both inside (correctly) and outside the model. The funds and allocations are correctly displayed inside the model. The duplicate outside the model has no value attached and we are working to ensure the view is updated to show the correct position. w/c 30 April 20 April  11:45
Cash within a model impacting weighted average charge. If cash is held within a model it is not currently being included when calculating the weighted average charge for the model. This is over inflating the average weighted charge.   w/c 30 April

20 April  11:45

Monies in and out

Description Interim process Target fix date Last updated
Due to currently being unable to view payslips, advisers can't view client tax codes. We're looking to fix as a high priority, as an interim measure clients can contact HMRC. w/c 30 April 16 April 14:15
We have an ongoing issue where some of our client documents are not automatically printing off the back of existing transactions made on the platform.  We are working through the issues to resolve this and clients should start to receive these documents over the next few weeks. w/c 14 May 20 April 14:00
There are some instances where clients are not receiving their Natural Income, we are currently working through the backlog to resolve this as an urgent priority. If a client has suffered a delayed payment and is in urgent need of income please contact Platform Services - 0800 056 2026 or email advisedplatform@aviva.com January and February payments fixed by 20 April.  March payments by 30 April.  Please note all payments will take up to 5 working days to clear. 20 April 14:00
CHAPS payments may be unsuitable for pooled accounts due to some banks requiring specific customer details in order to allocate to the correct customer. Select BACS as method of payment

12 April


Transfer tracker To get updates on your clients transfer in to Aviva, the transfer tracker is a useful tool that can be accessed via the Platform Services tab. This tracker will give you live updates on the status of your clients transfer, giving you the most up to date position. 17 April  09:52
Change in banking partner to HSBC

As part of our migration to the FNZ platform we have changed our banking partner from RBS to HSBC.  We no longer accept payments to RBS and payments will be returned.  Please ensure the following HSBC accounts are used for future payments: 


Aviva Pension Trustees UK Limited Client Money Collection 
Account number: 01357689 
Sort code: 40-02-50 


Aviva Wrap UK Limited Client Money Collection 
Account number: 21357735 
Sort code: 40-02-50


15 April


Where a client is receiving phased income and the due date falls on a non-working day the income will be paid on the next available working day. 

For example if a payment is due on 21st April 2018, which falls on a Saturday, the payment will go out on the 23rd April 2018, the following Monday.

Please note: This only occurs on phased income payments, all other income types where the due date falls on a non-working day will pay earlier on the last working day before the due date.

12 April 14:00

Adviser remuneration

Description Interim process  Target fix date Last updated
As previously communicated in key transactions and important dates, if you access your remuneration statements via the platform your final 'pre-migration' statement won't be available online. Contact your usual Aviva contact who will be able to provide this for you.

16 April


MyAviva and adviser access

Description Interim process Target fix date Last updated

Historic correspondence needs to be transferred onto the new system. This was intended to be done at the point of migration but has unfortunately been delayed due to an error with the data file. We will phase these documents onto the new platform over the next few months.


If you require copies of historic correspondence please contact Platform Services on
0800 056 2026 

w/c 30 April

12 April


Clients trying to use their legacy account numbers are unable to register on MyAviva. You can find your client's new AV2xxxx account number by going into 'Platform Services', and generating a 'client by adviser report' under 'Business reporting'.

17 April


Training support Visit the platform migration hub for any training support, including 'How to' videos.

12 April 09:30

Client access on MyAviva. 

If you have a client

who experiences a problem please refer them to the helpline
0808 1010860
 and our teams will assist the individual through the process. 


15 April


Corporate clients, trustees, clients through adviser-branded access and Power of Attorney clients require a different access for MyAviva.  For these clients please contact Platform Services on
0800 056 2026

to register them for access. 

15 April



Description Interim process Target fix date  Last updated
MiFID II – 10% portfolio drop notification Due to an error you may have received a notification to say your customer’s portfolio had dropped in excess of 10%. This would have also been reflected on the Aviva platform.

Clients have not received these communications; it is limited to advisers only.

We’re investigating the root cause to resolve the issue and we’re also working to remove any further notifications on portfolio drops to avoid any more confusion.
23 April 13.57 
The Capital Gains Tax report is providing incorrect information in some instances. As an interim measure we have removed the use of the tool. Although the functionality is disabled, please note that it will appear as if the report can be requested on the platform, and that its generation is pending.  w/c 30 April

12 April


Client report is now available and we're working towards ensuring:


  • Initial advice charges are showing on all reports
  • Assets that have generated income on pre-migration transactions are visible on the income page.
w/c 30 April 20 April  12:00


Description Fix date
All back office systems are experiencing a problem with valuations from Aviva where the holding includes model portfolios and some Discretionary Fund Managers. 16 February
There are some issues with payment of initial advice charge to a limited number of firms. We are looking at this issue as a priority and will make any outstanding payments by COB 14 February. 21 February
Core discount is now pulling through on all quotes. 22 February
Pension transfer and regular contributions can be quoted and applied for simultaneously within the same application. 22 February
Valuations to Dynamic Planner.
23 February
Platform client search showing intermittent issue. 26 February
At migration, any cash held outside of a model was automatically swept into model cash. This has impacted clients being disinvested to fund charges/withdrawals. 28 February
Deposits into and withdrawals from a model portfolio are currently being applied disproportionately. 01 March
There are some instances where clients have not received their payments due on 9 February. 05 March
Some advisers are encountering issues opening remuneration statements due to a file formatting issue. 07 March
There are delays to disinvestment which has resulted in a delay to adviser fees being paid. We're looking to resolve this as a priority. 15 March
Client report is currently not available. We expect to resolve this shortly.  22 March
Some advisers are unable to access model portfolios which they previously had access to. 22 March
Some users are unable to create a model portfolio and are receiving the following error message:
“We are sorry, there has been an error on the site. Please contact our support quoting the error number: XXXXXX”. 
22 March
For some DIM and adviser portfolios multiple versions with differing charges exist.  03 April 
 "Quick add” within asset selection screens not pulling through all available models.  03 April 

There was an issue where some Bed & ISA instructions failed, and contributions were not being made into the ISA Portfolio.



05 April 
We’ve incorrectly paid a number of advisers for January, paying out more than the adviser charges due. We’ll start recovering these additional payments from March.  10 April
Tax relief not being applied correctly: There are some cases (with direct debits, employer and employee contributions) where tax relief hasn't been applied correctly. 16 April
When allocating assets on the model portfolio quote, an error message will appear if a decimal place is used (i.e. 5.2%) stating that the allocation does not add up to 100%.  17 April

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